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Stop the silos with a complete DevOps toolset. #NoSilos

Learn five ways to boost DevOps practices on the mainframe.

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Accelerate innovation, from mobile to mainframe.

Your mainframe drives critical apps and services. So why should it operate in a silo? Make your mainframe an integral part of your IT infrastructure. With end-to-end DevOps—on and with the mainframe—you’ll achieve greater business agility to fuel innovation and keep pace with customer demands.

Remove barriers to business agility.

A modern enterprise toolset

Our Eclipse plugins makes it simple to extend your IDE to the mainframe.  By integrating CA Mainframe Development tools, you can build, test and update applications through one intuitive user interface without the help from mainframe experts – enabling you to streamline your DevOps initiatives, mobile to mainframe.

The agile advantage

Speed app delivery with mainframe agility. A recent global study found that advanced agile users cut time to develop, test and release new apps by up to 36%.

Cost savings

The average cost savings achieved by customers enrolled in the Core Systems Consulting Program who standardized on Mainframe Application Development, Quality and Testing Tool solutions from CA was $2.1 million.

Why CA for Mainframe DevOps? The users have spoken.

Market research group Zibis interviewed users of CA and competitors to see how their DevOps for mainframe solutions compared. CA scored higher marks across all four categories.

Take charge of your mainframe.

Break the status quo with mainframe solutions that connect agile and DevOps across your entire business. Learn how we help our customers deliver value at lower cost.

“CA, in contrast, made the gutsier bet: increasing innovation on the mainframe, bringing it into the digital fold.”

—Jason Bloomberg, Forbes Voice

Loved by industry leaders.

Committed to Industry Transformation

Over half of the top 30 largest companies use Mainframe DevOps solutions from CA to power DevOps transformations.*

Source: Information based on Fortune 500 published October, 2016 compared to CA Technologies Mainframe customers that have licensed one CA product as of October 2016.

A Trusted Partner

CA is the worldwide leader in the aggregated markets of Application Development Mainframe Tools + IT Operations Management Mainframe Tools, based on 2016 Market Share.*

Source: Gartner, Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2016 report published on April 14, 2017

Greater Efficiency

Standardizing on CA products, including CA Endevor™ Software Change Manager and CA Workload Automation, enabled the State of Oregon ETS to deliver 15% more services at 20% lower cost.

Source: Information based on Fortune 500 published October, 2016 compared to CA Technologies Mainframe customers that have licensed one CA product as of October 2016.

Speed application delivery and improve reliability by adopting the principles of agile and DevOps.

Estimate what you could save with Mainframe App Dev, Quality and Testing Tool solutions from CA.

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