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Why your peers choose CA for mainframe management

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“Evaluated the BMC solutions, but the  cost and experience with the products  have been the deciding factor for CA mainframe management solutions.”

Sidnei Machado, IT Manager, Boa Vista Services

Source: TechValidate, TVID CF0-4F8-34C, March 2017

See how Mainframe Management & Analytics from CA stacks up against the competition.

Find out why our customers choose CA over our competitors, including BMC and IBM.

Faster Time to Innovation Starts on Your Mainframe

See how advancements with machine learning and analytics can bring more intelligence and automation to your mainframe operations.

Delight your CFO while addressing the rigorous demands of your most demanding technical users.

Lower your risk while helping save 25% or more1 of the total migration effort and cost with a no-cost, cloud-based service.

Power Success Through Innovation

Eighty-six percent of surveyed IT organizations that evaluated BMC agreed: “CA leads in delivering software innovations that help my organization reduce costs, become more agile, address skills gaps and protect data.”

Source:  TechValidate, TVID 2BB-2E3-1EA, March 2017

CA unveils mainframe machine learning capabilities.

Mainframe: platform of choice for machine learning and ops intel

Tackle MLC price spikes - act now

“Our teams can prevent costly downtime and remediate problems faster when they do occur by taking advantage of advanced analytics, embedded intelligence and modernized UIs designed for better collaboration.”

Pavel Kanak, Technical Architect, Mainframe Automation, Tieto

Drive Down Software Cost and OPEX.

Ninety-six percent of surveyed IT organizations that evaluated BMC rated CA's ability to lower TCO better than competitive vendor solutions.

Source:  TechValidate, TVID C9E-B84-D0E, March 2017

Learn how The State of Oregon, Enterprise Technology Services, delivered 15% more services at 20% lower cost.

Remove product redundancies and streamline your mainframe environment to a single vendor.

“It is a good product for mainframe management. It is a lot easier to install and maintain than most of the other products that I am familiar with, such as BMC. We were using a different solution before this tool and moved over to CA because of the total cost.”

David Hale, Analyst, Financial Services Firm

Source: IT Central Station

Speed Migration Confidently with Lower Risk.

Ninety-three percent of surveyed IT organizations that evaluated BMC rated CA’s ease of use - which allowed for IT staff to use their time more efficiently - as better than competitive vendor solutions.

Source: TechValidate. TVID 121-A0F-D23, March 2017

Introducing CA Conversion Services, a full-suite, cloud service based on 30+ years of CA best practices covering the entire migration lifecycle.

Ready to get a complementary migration evaluation? CA experts are standing by to get you started.

“CA Utilities are faster and use fewer resources.”

Kenneth Fisher, Senior DB2 Database Specialist, HCSC

Source:  IT Central Station Review, December 2016

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1. Source: Internal CA strategy and product management business case based on comparison of historical average FTE costs and capex cost spanning 400+ migrations and replacements versus cloud-based migration.

2. Source: CA Technologies Global Market Analysis

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