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Optimize your mainframe for the future

Get your mainframe assessment to reveal hidden costs and operational gaps.

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Introducing CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence

Digital enterprises are made not born. In this journey, business and IT leaders in mainframe organizations are looking to optimize their core infrastructure and transform—at the same time. Daunting? Perhaps. Achievable? Yes.

CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence is a SaaS assessment tool from CA Technologies for mainframe environments revealing the as-is state vs. desired outcomes for opex, security, process and performance.

CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence

In medicine, an MRI scan can quickly reveal hidden ailments so clinicians can offer actionable insight to get a patient on a path to recovery.

CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence acts like an MRI for your mainframe environment; helping you assess where you are today on your optimization journey and prescribes tools, automation and best practices, ultimately delivering actionable insights and practical reports to guide business results.

Running an assessment in the CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence SaaS environment helps you answer these questions:

  • Will we pass the next audit?
  • How do we predict a consistent SLA?
  • Can we fulfill 60% MIPS growth without a capacity penalty?

Optimize resources to free up funds for your digital journey.

Let’s optimize the platform and reduce cost.

Mention the mainframe to stakeholders and cost containment is top of mind. What if you had a partner that offered an assessment scan that analyzed your environment to show you exactly where to save and how to deploy existing resources to the fullest. Get started with a solution that is designed for continuous optimization, increased stability and reduced risk.

Optimize Capacity

Select the right MLC pricing model and run a capacity assessment to understand which workloads can be tuned. It’s all about avoiding surprises and costly price hikes.

Leverage the Platform

Make sure your tools fully exploit specialty processors such as zIIP to realize CPU reductions. Maintain a stable environment with optimal configuration tips and best practices.

Discover Software

Imagine if you could consolidate tools you pay for by 24%. Discover and eliminate redundancies that drive unnecessary costs.


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