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Mainframe Resource Intelligence from CA Technologies

Automated Assessment Solution to help you reduce cost and guide you on digital transformation.

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Introducing Mainframe Resource Intelligence from CA

Digital enterprises are made not born. In this journey, business and IT leaders in mainframe organizations are looking to optimize their core infrastructure and transform – at the same time.

Daunting? Perhaps. Achievable? Yes.

What is Mainframe Resource Intelligence?

Mainframe Resource Intelligence (MRI) from CA helps assess where you are today on your optimization journey and prescribes tools, automation and best practices, ultimately delivering actionable insights and practical steps to generate business results. Scheduling a MRI helps you answer these questions:

  • Will we pass the next audit?
  • How do we predict a consistent SLA?
  • Can we fulfill 60% MIPS growth without incurring a capacity penalty?
  • How do I efficiently manage my monthly license charges?

For such questions and more, call us to schedule a MRI for your mainframe environment.

Optimize resources to free up funds for your digital journey.

Let’s optimize the platform and reduce cost.

Mention the mainframe to stakeholders and cost containment is top of mind. What if you had a partner that offered a MRI scan that analyzed your environment to show you exactly where to save and how to deploy existing resources to the fullest. Get started with a solution that is designed for continuous optimization, increased stability and reduced risk.

Optimize Capacity

Understand potential savings with MLC capping analysis. Select the right MLC pricing model. An Economics MRI reveals which workloads can be tuned and optimized to eliminate costly price hikes.

Leverage the Platform

Make sure your tools fully exploit specialty processors such as zIIP. Stay up-to-date with configuration tips and best practices to maintain a stable environment.

Standardize Software

Imagine if you could consolidate tools you pay for by 24%.  Discover and eliminate redundancies that drive unnecessary costs and automate conversion quickly to desired tools.

Security MRI

80% of the world’s corporate data resides on the mainframe. But are you and your auditors examining mainframe security with today’s threat and compliance landscape in mind?

Here are a few recent findings from a new IBM study on security:

  • 75% of respondents aren’t confident about complying, 31% think they’re not compliant, 40% aren’t sure, and 4% are unsure what the GDPR even is
  • 86% cited tougher regulations, such as the GDPR, among the main reasons for making access to mainframes more secure
  • 67% say that mainframes are now more connected to the outside world, and therefore more vulnerable

CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence assessments platform allows you to scan and examine your mainframe environment for security risks. Arm yourself with real insight about the potential risks and explain to your peers mainframe security is critical to overall enterprise security.

Understand your security exposure before an incident occurs – whether a breach or a routine audit.

Scheduling a Security MRI helps you answer these questions about your security performance:

  • Where is orphaned or unknown PII located in my mainframe environment?
  • When is the last time we updated user privileges?
  • How much compliance risk do we face for our transactional application?

For such questions and more, call us to schedule an MRI for your mainframe environment.

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No matter where you are on your mainframe optimization journey, our MRI offering is a holistic and comprehensive way to tackle capacity, Opex reduction and digital transformation on the mainframe. We assess where you are, and help define the right next steps and destination in your IT and business transformation.

The CA difference? Our MRI brings the best of 40+ years of best practices and mainframe expertise coupled with the power of automation, machine learning tools, agility and security, helping you realize savings and results quickly with little disruption to your team.

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