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Mainframe Security Management

Increase your data privacy and simplify regulatory compliance with data-centric security.

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Data-Centric Security and Compliance

Address stringent data security and compliance requirements with CA Data Content Discovery and CA Compliance Event Manager. Together, these innovations find sensitive data, classify for compliance, alert to risks in real-time and inspect threats to protect mission-essential data—running 100 percent on the mainframe.


GDPR is here. Get prepared.

Protect Across the Data Lifecycle


Know who has access into critical mainframe resources – and how.


Discover sensitive data that has been lost, hidden, or abandoned.


Classify data based on sensitivity level for compliance.


Be alerted in real-time of abnormal access attempts.


Deep dive into security issues with advanced reporting and forensics.


Prove to auditors that data regulations are satisfied.

Increase business efficiency and deliver trust

What if the largest risk to your business came from inside the enterprise itself? Most companies have guarded themselves against external cyber attacks, but insider threats are quickly becoming the main security threat.

Learn how CA Trusted Access Manager for Z helps reduce the risk of insider threats to help deliver trusted systems and improve business efficiency through comprehensive privileged access management of your mainframe.

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Priveleged Access Management for Mainframe

CA Mainframe Security and Compliance Beats the Competition

96% rate CA’s mainframe compliance functionality as better than competitors.

Source: TechValidate.

85% rate CA’s mainframe security ease of use as better than competitors.

Source: TechValidate.

94% rate CA’s mainframe compliance depth of insights as better than competitors.

Source: TechValidate.

84% rate CA’s mainframe security breadth of capabilities as better than competitors.

Source: TechValidate.

“CA mainframe security solutions provide us with insights and control for our ever-changing environment. We are able to detect, respond and support security events and needs at a level that brings greater benefit to the organization.”

- IT administrator, Global 500 insurance company (Source: TechValidate.

CA Mainframe Security Management. Real results, right now.

Mitigate the risk of data exposure.

Discover mainframe data, classify by criticality and prove that right controls are applied.

Decrease effort of regulatory compliance.

Use simple reporting and notifications to delight the auditor and help you act before a compromise.

Maintain unified enterprise security.

Gain “who, when and how” insight with access control and advanced authentication.

Comprehensive enterprise security for peace of mind.

When it comes to security, there are no excuses. In the application economy, the mainframe remains critical in delivery of new services but it also means that the mainframe is no longer locked down. Mainframe Security Management solutions are designed to work together across the security lifecycle from access control to data security to audit; to help mitigate real risks and fulfill regulatory compliance.

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