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Mainframe Testing and Quality

Reduce test cycle times and the costs of mainframe testing.

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Test early and often through continuous testing.

With Mainframe Testing and Quality solutions from CA Technologies, DevOps teams can quickly setup testing environments for mainframe applications with critical dependent components and test data.

CA solutions are recognized by IDC as helping enable continuous testing and quality.

Leverage automation to deliver a digital experience built on customer insights. Next generation developers must be familiar with mainframes and know how to apply their skillset to maintain and improve legacy code.

Simplify application analysis with visual debugging.

Use CA InterTest visual debugger to better understand COBOL program execution flow and connections between modules. Explore, analyze and discover anomalies for more effective maintenance of mainframe applications and improved productivity for new-to-mainframe and seasoned developers alike.

Reduce test cycle times and costs of mainframe testing for better time to market and mainframe economics.

Speed test setup.

Speed test setup with comprehensive test data management and service virtualization.

Automate testing.

Automate testing with frameworks to automate unit tests and automate testing into the delivery pipeline.

Manage test assets.

Manage test assets by leveraging the DevOps catalog that stores and provisions test assets and requirements.

Deliver Value Quickly and Reliably

A top 10 U.S. retailer saved over $1 million annually through replacement of Compuware tools, driving investment into high-growth initiatives.

How can businesses free up budget and lower costs to fund digital transformation?

For many of our customers, vendor consolidation is a key enabler for digital transformation. In fact, customers who rationalized on CA products experienced an average $1.4 million operating expense (OPEX) savings, and moreover:

  • Realized value faster. Organizations not only reduce upfront costs and time to realized value, but enjoy lower overhead from working with a single, focused vendor like CA.
  • Lowered risk. As a guided cloud service built on 30-plus years of industry best practices, CA Conversion Service delivers a consistent migration experience, ensuring your team can focus on their core responsibilities of delivering new services and maintaining operations.

Why CA Mainframe Testing and Quality

A Trusted Partner

CA is the worldwide leader in the aggregated markets of Application Development Mainframe Tools + IT Operations Management Mainframe Tools, based on 2016 Market Share.*

Source: Gartner, Market Share: All Software Markets, Worldwide, 2016 report published on April 14, 2017

70% of the Fortune 30 have achieved the scale and business agility to deliver the best customer experiences in the application economy with Mainframe Application Development and Quality and Testing Tools from CA.*

Source: Information based on Fortune 500 published October, 2016 compared to CA Technologies Mainframe customers that have licensed one CA product as of October 2016.

The average cost savings achieved by customers enrolled in the Core Systems Consulting Program who rationalized towards Mainframe Application Development, Quality and Testing Tool solutions from CA.

Source: The savings shown above are over a 5-year contract period and are estimations derived from analyses of CA Technologies customer contracts. These values are not a guarantee of achievable results and will vary depending upon your current setup.

Reduce time to market and improve performance.

Count on CA

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