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Mobile App Analytics

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Gain proactive, real-time insights into app user behavior, performance and crashes with mobile app analytics.

Mobile apps have become the primary way in which many individuals interact with the world around them. Whether it’s making a bank deposit or a restaurant reservation, or shopping for clothes or a vacation destination, users rely on mobile apps to provide fast, secure, reliable access to services and information and will not settle for a poor experience.

With a mobile app analytics tool, you gain insight into performance, crashes and usage so you can continually improve your mobile app experience and better understand your users.

86% of surveyed IT organizations improved their end-user experience by 50%-70% or more with CA App Experience Analytics.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 55F-795-1E9

What is Mobile App Analytics?

Mobile app analytics provides performance, availability, device, location and user engagement metrics for mobile applications. By collecting these metrics, you gain a better understanding of how users are interacting with your mobile application and real-time insights into mobile app performance, crashes and design - so you can find and fix issues before impacting the user experience. 

Identify, prioritize and fix issues before they impact your users.

Poor mobile app performance can lead to lost customers. With mobile app analytics, you gain a high-level view of app crashes, with drill down capability to view crashes by app, device, carrier and platform. So you can find and fix problems faster, and help keep your customers happy.

Gain insights into user behavior.

Build the mobile app your customers want by leveraging app usage data to understand how users are interacting with your app through advanced app flow visualization, video session playback and touch and gesture heatmaps.

Improve performance and availability.

Combine the power of mobile app analytics with application performance management to gain comprehensive transaction visibility from mobile to backend services, so you can deliver a great experience across Web, mobile and wearable apps.

Gain real user insights.

Gain an omnichannel view of user sessions to better understand how your apps are performing across devices and platforms. By leveraging this data, you can make improvements needed to both improve customer experience and drive revenue for your business.

What Does It Take to Optimize Omnichannel Success?

Today’s consumers want to be able to access apps on multiple devices and platforms with ease, but for that to be possible an omnichannel strategy is necessary. To provide your customers the best experience possible, you need to be able to answer several questions like:

  • Who is using our apps?
  • Where and when are apps being used?
  • What are users doing with our apps?
  • What goals are users trying to achieve?
  • How can I help users get more value with our apps?

By leveraging a mobile app analytics tool, you will have all of this data at your fingertips.

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