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CA Rapid App Security

Get frictionless Web and mobile app authentication at the speed of digital demand.

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Authentication your developers, security architects and customers can all agree on. Now possible with CA Rapid App Security.

Make security a competitive advantage.

CA Rapid App Security is built on an industry-leading, three-way trust model that identifies the user, app and device and monitors the relationship between the three. This Web and mobile app authentication solution minimizes security friction via transparent, two-factor authentication credentials and contextual, risk-based evaluation.

With CA Rapid App Security, identity and access management is not a checklist item for your development team, but a true competitive differentiator that allows developers to reduce the development cycle to build frictionless Web and mobile apps and drive success for your business.

Keep your security options open.

CA Rapid App Security gives you options. The universal SDK in CA Rapid App Security combines a wide range of second-factor authentication credentials and risk-based analysis into a single tool set. Supported Web and mobile app authentication methods include:

  • Basic password
  • Knowledge-based Q&A
  • Two-way, mutual SSL
  • PKI-based two-factor credential
  • One-time passcode (OTP) over desktop, email or SMS
  • FIDO
  • Fingerprint (Touch ID)
  • Facial scan (FaceID)
  • OAuth tokens
  • Push notification
  • Risk-based authentication

Social login, single sign-on (SSO) and proximity login provide a seamless user experience across multiple apps, supported by OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standards.

All security methods can be easily deployed on Web, mobile or IoT apps with minimal coding. These options ensure you have multiple secondary authentication methods that balance the security your business requires with the user experience customers demand.

Enable developers for speed.

CA Rapid App Security enables developers to focus on building winning apps—not spending time becoming security experts. Typically, a basic Web or mobile app authentication requires multiple API calls across several unique SDKs to authorize a user. As a result, manually developing identity and access management solutions entails complex and time-intensive coding, testing and coding again.

With CA Rapid App Security, mobile app authentication options are integrated into a single SDK. Repetitive and complex app development tasks associated with embedding security into the app are simplified to a single API call, drastically reducing development time. Enterprises can quickly build, deploy and manage multiple Web, mobile or IoT apps and implement new features or security protocols post-development.

CA Rapid App Security is built for developers, providing flexibility and enablement to develop on their preferred platforms and environments, such as Xamarin. For your business, this means getting an app to market faster, while guaranteeing industry-leading security and user experience.

Get security that scales.

Security shouldn’t stop at the app. In today’s digital economy, enterprises are exposing data and application functionality to devices, customers and partners. They must manage and monitor the flow of data into and out of their business and ensure all endpoints are protected against attack. As more transactions move to mobile and the number of integrations grows with investments in IoT and partner ecosystems, enterprises must have security that scales.

Many app experiences, especially those involving IoT, are driven by a complex back-end interconnection of application programming interfaces (APIs). API architectures connect multiple internal and external data sources through an application layer, enabling a variety of business services. Developers tasked with building Web and mobile app experiences must also create and secure APIs to increase the availability of data on apps.

CA Rapid App Security combines a risk-based analysis and strong authentication server, a universal SDK and an authentication gateway to provide security at the app, device and API layer. The mobile gateway features the ability to cache calls to back-end applications and orchestrate API traffic, freeing up bandwidth and further enhancing the user’s interaction with the app. The unique trust model established by CA Rapid App Security between the user, device and app creates a secure environment for the enterprise on all digital channels.

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