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Model-Based Testing

Your Key to Delivering Better Quality Software, Quicker

Model-Based Testing: Enabling Testing at the Speed of Agile

If you aim to build apps faster, test with speed and quality. Replace slow and manual testing with a powerful, agile modeling approach, so you can do rigorous agile testing (link to new agile testing page) in the same sprint.

Model-based testing helps you eliminate ambiguous requirements, limited test coverage, unavailability of test data and system components, and lack of automation.  

64% of total defect cost originate in the requirements analysis and design phase

Source: Hyderabad Business School GITAM University Quality Flaws: Issues and Challenges in Software Development – 2012

10X faster in delivering test cases & automation

Source: IT Central Station Real User Review of CA ARD, 2017

Model-Based Testing: Your Key to Better Software

A model-based testing approach enables your agile testing teams to work in parallel and achieve agile testing, even as software requirements change.

Learn model-based testing techniques like agile modeling of requirements using active flowcharts, test case design (link to new test case design page), test coverage and test automation (link to new test automation page) can help you test apps faster without sacrificing quality.

Overcoming the Top Five Misconceptions About Model-Based Testing

Model-based testing helps test teams overcome barriers to successfully creating better apps, faster. Still, many organizations have yet to realize its full potential to transform their testing practices.

Find out about the top five misconceptions of model-based testing, and learn how CA Agile Requirements Designer can help your agile testing teams deliver fully tested apps faster.

A Model-Based Approach to CD: From ''Everything as Code'' to ''Everything Is a Model''

The ''Everything-as-Code'' approach has its drawbacks. There is a better way – adopt the ''Everything-as-Model'' approach, including agile modeling of requirements and model-based testing to build better apps, faster.

Learn how model-based testing and development techniques can help you speed Continuous Testing and Delivery processes.

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Model-based Testing 101: Models at the Heart of Software Design

New to model-based testing or needing a refresher on agile modeling of requirements? Watch this short demo video to quickly learn about model-based requirements and testing concepts. And see how CA Technologies support these modeling practices to help you simplify and accelerate your app development and delivery processes without compromising quality.

Understanding, Selecting and Using Models

Model-based testing helps enable test-driven development. Improving collaboration among developers, testers and business analysts, it ensures teams have a common understanding of business requirements needed to deliver high-quality apps, quicker. Watch this video to learn how requirements modeling work and how to use this powerful tool in testing.

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