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DX NetOps

AIOps for Networks

Get unified, scalable network monitoring analytics for traditional, SDN and cloud networks.

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Today’s IT reality consists of delivering the application experience over distributed environments like on-prem and multiple clouds while facing the challenge of managing a complex maze of networks comprised of software-defined modern architectures, legacy devices, and connected multi-protocol end points.

With a combination of real-time monitoring and machine-learning driven analytics, Broadcom’s DX NetOps comprehensively simplifies this complexity through high scale, unified network monitoring enabling full-stack analytics for assuring traditional, and software-defined and cloud architectures. The DX NetOps network monitoring software converts inventory, topology, device metrics, faults, flow and packet analysis into actionable intelligence for network operations teams. The platform is complemented by our AIOps solution that enables IT teams to establish proactive, autonomous remediation capabilities across applications, infrastructure and networks that fuel superior user experiences.

Broadcom is a leader in comprehensive and scalable network monitoring software. Discover how Broadcom’s DX NetOps can help you move from reactive to preemptive network management that enables successful digital transformations.

    VIDEO, 451 Research, Application-Centric Network Monitoring Approach featuring Mike Fratto, senior analyst.

    Realize the Full Value of Your Network Investments with our DX NetOps Business Value Estimations

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    AI and ML for Networks

    Reduce MTTR with automated triage through algorithmic noise reduction, anomaly detection and application-centric root cause topology insights.

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    Single Pane Hyperconnected Operations

    Unified portal that provides edge-to-edge operational dashboards and visibility across traditional, software-defined and hybrid-cloud architectures.

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    Easy Triage Through Intelligent Analytics and Root Cause

    Simplify complex modern network deployments and improve MTTR with in-context granular visibility.

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    Monitor SD-WAN networks to ensure site availability and policy-defined application delivery.

    Data Center/SDDC

    East-west traffic analysis and visualizations for data center wide intelligence.

    Hybrid Cloud

    Deep packet and flow analysis with holistic visibility into private, public or hybrid cloud workloads, network performance and cloud-based wireless technologies.

    Carrier Networks

    Simplified intelligence of 4G/5G, NFV, Cable and Backhaul networks.

    Future-Proof with Advanced Scale

    Ensure successful digital transformation and confidently grow your network with an industry-leading big data monitoring and analytics platform.

    NetOps Customer Successes

    Broadcom’s network monitoring software has enabled today’s NeOps teams to not only advance their monitoring strategies but also unlock the full benefits of new modern architectures while simplifying their ongoing processes and practices.

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    Read about how DX NetOps helps organizations like yours.

    "[DX NetOps] helps our organization speed and simplify the triage of infrastructure network performance issues."

    Engineer, GEICO

    DX NetOps can improve user experience by more than 75%.

    Source: TechValidate.

    Read user reviews from the tech community.

    It integrates all of our CA products into one dashboard. Everybody's using the same data to correlate what is happening.

    The benefit is having the one-stop shop where we can integrate all of our CA products into one dashboard. It has improved efficiency. Stability is good and It has improved, and we have not had any issues.


    Source: IT Central Station

    Upfront dashboard view of our multiple data centers helps catch problems before they impact the customer

    It allows us to have a quick, upfront view of our multiple data centers. It provides us with a quick dashboard look at issues we might be having.

    Bradley H.

    Source: IT Central Station

    Provides user-configurable roles & permissions with granularity

    I have used the platform since the beginning and in production for at least two years. Mainly as an MSP configuration, the multi-tenant model helps us to segment the customer and users, it provides our operation the capability to oversee all tenants.

    Frederic E.

    Source: IT Central Station

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