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Agile Delivery, Planning and Portfolio Management Tools

Get the agility you need to drive change—from the boardroom to development.

Maximize every asset and advantage with world-class tools and training.

Apply agile methodology to your enterprise.

Align execution to strategy with investment transparency.

Enable team collaboration anywhere, anytime.

Business Agility is the new reality.

Sensing and responding to business and market changes requires new mindsets and methods. That’s where Business Agility comes in. CA has a proven approach for increasing your organization’s business speed and helping you beat your competitors in the marketplace. With CA’s Agile Management solutions, you’ll do more than adapt to change, you’ll accelerate customer value and become a truly agile business.

Centered on your success.

Rally Software® (formerly CA Agile Central) is everything you need to perfect your agility ability. You get an enterprise-scale agile platform, along with industry-leading training and best-of-breed software solutions. And you get it all in one comprehensive, coordinated offering. So much for “Too good to be true.”

Manage projects, maximize your portfolio.

Make sure everything’s aligned right down the line. Clarity PPM (formerly CA Project Portfolio Management) helps you map execution to strategy, so the right people are always working on the right projects. And you can always see where every dollar is going. No wonder Clarity PPM is the recognized market leader, trusted by more than 1,500 organizations worldwide.

Go with the Flow.

With Flowdock, your teams can communicate with context and plan with precision. Flowdock works just like any other email or corporate chat program. But it also links into all your developers’ favorite tools, so teams can work faster together—whether they’re coding new APIs, doing pre-launch Q&A, or simply planning out the next product sprints. It’s the project manager that acts like an instant messenger.

Get release agility and continuous delivery.

We know that more than 65% of DevOps professionals still use spreadsheets to manage their releases. How can you be agile when trying to plan and schedule multiple, concurrent app releases manually? CA Continuous Delivery Director is a powerful pipeline planning, orchestration and analytics solution that enables you to eliminate spreadsheets and continually improve the delivery of revenue-generating features to your customers. It works with the most popular commercial and open source DevOps solutions to seamlessly deliver applications from planning through production.


Ignite innovation by continuously developing quality apps faster and more efficiently.


Maximize visibility from mobile to the mainframe so you can maximize your customer’s experience.

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