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Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2)

14 Mar 2019 is coming. Are you ready for the compliance deadline?

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What is PSD2?

In 2013, The European Commission proposed to review the existing EU Payment Services Directive 2015/2366/EU (PSD) both to modernize it and to take account of new types of payment services.

The revised EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is the first step in a journey towards a more collaborative and open financial ecosystem. And organizations involved in the covered payment and financial processes covered by PSD2 must comply with the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) within the timeframe set out by the European Banking Authority (EBA).

Is Your Company at Risk?

Your business depends upon digital payments and if you’re not in compliance with the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) by 14 Mar 2019, your company may be at risk.

CA has developed a portfolio of products that can help organizations dramatically accelerate their path to compliance—and you can test drive it today.

Try our PSD2 compliance “sandbox” for free and see for yourself how our solution can help prepare your organization for the deadline.

Embrace APIs and Open Banking

APIs are required to meet the demands and mandates outlined in PSD2 for open communications (e.g., TPP and XS2A). CA API Management provides the capabilities you need to create, secure and manage them, which is essential to addressing the digital transformation challenges of ‘Open Banking’.

CA API Management enables financial institutions and other enterprises to build a platform for integrating their customer experience across apps, devices and businesses and leverages CA Advanced Authentication to enforce strong authentication on these services.

Embrace Strong Consumer Authentication for PSD2 Compliance

PSD2 was designed to create a single and efficient market for payments. The directive sets out the legal, regulatory, procedural and technological framework for electronic payments within the European Union.

One of the directive’s key components is the requirement to implement Strong Consumer Authentication (SCA) within specific aspects of the electronic payment process. Payment Security solutions from CA help banks achieve a successful authentication framework that includes intuitive and compliant strong consumer authentication.

Turning a compliance obligation into a business opportunity—explore the infographic:

Learn how PSD2 can help turn a compliance obligation into a competitive advantage.

PSD2 Presents New Opportunities

Although PSD2 is a mandatory regulation, it represents an opportunity for financial institutions to modernize their architecture, unlock valuable backend data and accelerate their digital transformations. But it also creates new opportunities for many traditional non-banking entities that have participated at the periphery of the payments space.

Organizations that seize the opportunity to create a strategic advantage out of their compliance efforts will set themselves on a journey to competitive advantage moving forwards. Whether you are a bank, retail organization, utilities or telco company, PSD2 provides opportunities to change your business ecosystem. Find out how CA can help.

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