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Test-as-Code to Real World Conditions

Deliver digital initiatives with rapid time-to-market.

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Eliminate Costly Delays in Test Environments

Test for code as it’s written and eliminate the wait for heavy, legacy test environments that’s never intended for agile delivery. Test-as-code from the IDE and accelerate testing timelines. Standup test services from dedicated workspaces to load test multiple projects in parallel to real world settings. Avoid the hidden costs of new proprietary IP that only increases technical debt for development teams and holds back regression test cycles.

  Actively optimize the use of open source-based technologies that consume-as-code directly from a developer’s local machine.
  Orchestrate virtual services with test assets in the IDE that are shared and reused across teams to create fuller systems tests.
  Test to real world conditions on-demand using regulatory-compliant test data for exhaustive positive and negative testing.

Completeness of Testing Directly from Your IDE of Choice


Automation-friendly framework for continuous testing.


Define virtual services and execute tests while the code is being built.

Service Virtualization Community Edition

Service virtualization and testing optimized for your desktop.

Test Data Manager

Deliver innovation faster with less risk, for less cost.


reduction in costs of infrastructure environments required for test, development and QA


reduction in lab setup and test data setup costs


improved time-to-value for revenue-generating applications

Missing something?

Do you ever feel that something’s missing when you’re developing your apps? You deserve to have it all. With Service Virtualization (formerly CA Service Virtualization), you can. It emulates missing, unavailable or costly components or systems, so you can find and fix errors long before you get to production—enabling teams to test and validate anything at any point of the development cycle.

Service virtualization is a fundamental shift in the way you develop and test software today. It can be defined as a “smarter mock/stub” or even as the “wind tunnel of software.” Either way, it’s a new way for developers and testers to “have everything” they need when they need it in order to be as efficient as possible.

Test for code as soon as it’s developed—all from your local machine. Ready to write and execute automated tests from your IDE?

For agile development teams working with complex legacy platforms, standing up test environments in pre-production is challenging and involves long wait times. Sound familiar?

Quality apps depend on having the right test data in the right place at the right time. How are you getting your test data today?

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