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Make planning easy with strategic roadmapping.

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Why are roadmaps important to strategic planning?

For any organization to succeed, it needs to plan and execute its vision with confidence. In order to do that, organizations need a clear picture of all of the work happening across the portfolio, the associated funding, the resourcing, and the impact those initiatives can or will have to the bottom line. Whether it is a product, architectural or feature roadmap, having a roadmap aids in top-down strategic portfolio planning by giving your organization a tool to clearly see your initiatives, dependencies, investments, and the resources required to deliver the best business outcomes possible.

What are strategic roadmaps?

Need to easily view, pivot and sort investment information for a clear picture of your organization’s projects? And understand how your projects or initiatives are being proposed, how those proposals complement existing projects and get the impact on current investment allocations all in one system? That is the power of a strategic roadmap inside your project portfolio management system. Whether you need a product, project, a feature roadmap or something else to layout bigger business initiatives, roadmaps help you organize your business around a vision. for maximum value and ROI.

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Three Reasons Why You Need Strategic Roadmaps

Make planning quicker
and easier

Integrating roadmapping and investment planning into the PPM software lets you prioritize and earmark necessary funding, initiatives, work cycles and resources – before you start the more detailed planning.

Drive innovation through integration

An integrated roadmap connects capabilities being developed today with the anticipated needs of the organization in the future. It also helps organizations understand investments, resources, timing and priorities to ensure all work stays aligned to the strategic plan.

Create a single source of portfolio truth

A strategic roadmap provides a centralized communication tool showcasing your vision not just for the product or service today, but for the future. It serves as a unifying vehicle that provides context needed to ensure organizational alignment.

Why use CA Project & Portfolio Management for strategic roadmaps?

The strategic roadmapping capabilities in CA Project & Portfolio Management  (CA PPM) helps you prioritize investments based on the company’s goals. With an easy-to-read and quick-to-make plan in place, teams and executives have a shared understanding of the work with real-time insight into budgets and resources, dependencies and risks.

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