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Telemetry Insights

Understanding product usage and system configurations via telemetry data enables CA Technologies to deliver better customer service and improve product experiences.

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Proactive, Faster Customer Support

Product feature usage and system configurations will help CA Support predict issues, alert on known issues, and quickly troubleshoot tickets.

Relevant Customer Insights

Data will enable CA to make specific recommendations to help you receive the most value out of your software solutions.

Right-Sizing Your Investment

Accurate usage will help organizations optimize their renewals & billings.

Helping to Improve Your Software

Enable CA product teams to be data-driven when improving capabilities and experiences.

Telemetry in Action

Telemetry is securely embedded into our SaaS and on-premises products with APIs that regularly send usage data to a secure central repository. Controlled internal access to this data enables our teams to better partner with customers. Data insights will enable us to optimize solutions, enable proactive responsive support and create better product experiences for you. Telemetry data will help you showcase how you are maximizing value out of your IT investments to your management & shareholders.

What type of data does Broadcom / CA collect?

Telemetry is collecting:

Monthly / Daily feature usage, configurations settings and subscription related data.
Products are storing the usage data locally.
For a detailed list, please see your specific product documentation.

We take your privacy very seriously.
No personally identifiable information (PII) data is collected.

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