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Test True to Business Requirements

Achieve better cost optimization in agile planning.

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Streamline Agile Releases for Efficiencies

Teams collaborate from a single source of truth to significantly reduce manual intervention and focus development efforts where it matters. Manage change impact through dependency visualization for real-time decision-making and resource planning in-sprint. Better rationalize the agile portfolio for on-time delivery while eliminating costly delays and rework.

  Start right by modelling test designs to actual requirements. Streamline acceptance tests in your agile planning.
  Automatically generate optimal test plans with test data that’s shared and maintained across teams for 100% test coverage.
  Track to release quality in-sprint where teams keep up with requirements changes through visibility and traceability.

Test Case Designs Optimized for Agile Development

Rally Software®

Power your organization with purpose—create better business outcomes with stronger teams, increased visibility and total alignment.

Agile Requirements Designer

Test at the speed of agile with the automation of requirements and test design.

Test Data Manager

Deliver innovation faster with less risk, for less cost.


test coverage achieved


reduction in test cycles


of software defects avoided

Shift left testing into the design phase.

Shift left your testing efforts into the design phase to map test cases, data and automated tests directly from business requirements. When user needs change, our testing tools update test assets automatically, helping you achieve rigorous testing in less time. You can shorten test cycles by up to 30 percent and boost application quality while generating 100% of the tests needed for maximum functional coverage.

Test data management: On-demand data generation for teams to meet agile testing needs.

Teams need to be able to automate one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive problems in agile delivery: the creating, maintaining and provisioning of the regulatory-compliant test data needed to rigorously test evolving applications. Between test case automation and test data management, significantly reduce manual intervention in agile development.

Improve your application quality with maximum coverage from our test case design solutions.

Save time and money with testing tools from CA. Thanks to more accurate requirements, greater test coverage, faster test creation and repeatable test execution, you’ll free your teams and resources to focus on higher-value tasks.

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