Test Data Management

Deliver winning apps faster with Test Data Management—that’s changing the game.

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Meet and maintain compliance with Test Data Management.

Creating great applications requires high-quality test data—but new global legislation has made data privacy requirements more stringent than ever. Test Data Management solutions from CA give you the data you need for rigorous testing without the sensitive content. So you can deliver fully tested apps using safe data that comply with new regulations—and eliminate expensive delays.


Maintain compliance.

Get rich test data without the sensitive content—with CA Test Data Manager’s synthetic data creation.

Reuse valuable data.

Store, track, share and use data again and again with test data warehousing.

Remove testing bottlenecks.

Provide the right data at the right time so your teams won’t have to cut corners when they’re under pressure.

Create flawless applications faster with Test Data Management solutions from CA.

Great applications depend on having the right data for testing, in the right place and at the right time. Only CA has the automated testing tools you need to continuously deliver superior quality—and stay ahead of the competition.

vTDM: Rapid Test Database Provisioning

Many development teams have implemented two-week sprints as part of their Agile development efforts. However, it often takes longer than two weeks to get the test data needed for that sprint. What if testers could get the data they need in timely fashion?

CA vTDM reduces data volumes, test durations and costs, enabling your team to deliver applications to market faster and in sprint.


  • Reduces development life-cycle time and costs
  • Delivers virtual copies of test data, on demand, in seconds
  • Enhances and extends TDM data masking and compare use cases

Why CA Test Data Manager

Test Data Manager allows you to do synthetic data generation. It gives you a high level of confidence in your data that you're creating. It also keeps you out of the SOX arena, because there's no production data within that environment. The more that you can put in controls and keep your data clean, the better off you are.

Wesley Miller, AVP Quality Assurance, GM Financial

Our organization has a complex IT landscape. Each environment has different components, each holding a copy of accounts. With CA Test Data Manager, we are able to perform data obfuscation of personally identifiable information (PII) data, simplifying our data compliance related tasks.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

TechValidate, Survey of Users of CA Test Data Manager Commissioned by CA, 2FA-84F-CDD

CA Test Data Manager helps us reduce testing cost and speed up test cycles, enabling intelligent data masking, and providing reliable test data.

IT Director, Global 500 Banking Company

TechValidate, Survey of Users of CA Test Data Manager Commissioned by CA, 16F-B1E-1DB

90% of surveyed IT organizations who evaluated IBM, Delphix or Informatica rated CA Test Data Manager’s ease of use as superior.

TechValidate, Survey of Users of CA Test Data Manager Commissioned by CA, 426-814-D60

Are You GDPR Ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has recently been signed into law, and it enacts new regulations and steep penalties for any company who misuses or loses European Union (EU) citizens’ personal data. This sweeping legislation has expanded the definition of what is personal data and puts IT and testing departments on high alert to safeguard personally identifiable data, across analytics, development and testing environments. Test data management, the process of obtaining and distributing test data for development teams, takes on greater urgency as the GDPR deadline looms in two short years.

Solid test data management practices will be key to overcoming compliance hurdles and avoiding huge fines associated with GDPR. Utilizing new ways that test data can be generated, distributed and managed will be pivotal to meeting this regulation. Many companies will move towards synthetic data creation to avoid the pitfalls associated with masking production data.

Test data management is not only for dealing with the GDPR, however. Any organization that has to deal with a regulation or mandate such as PCI, HIPAA or GLBA, which includes protections for safeguarding customer data, will benefit from CA Test Data Manager and its improved test data management capabilities.

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