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Test Design Automation

Automatically generate tests from requirements, and fix them automatically as changes in requirements happen.

Improve your testing efficiencies by automating your end-to-end test design automation processes.

Your customers expect you to deliver high quality apps, fast. But testing holds you back. Why? Because 70%1  of testing is still done manually today, and that’s a big problem.

But there’s a better way. Test Design Automation from CA Technologies helps to free you up from manually writing and maintaining your tests. Test Design Automation enables you to automatically create test cases and generate test automation scripts, right from your requirements.

You can even generate the right test data to run your automated tests. Finding and fixing test scripts that fail whenever your requirements change don’t take long as this becomes automated just the same. And achieving maximum test coverage, for everything, not just regression testing, becomes a reality.

1 Bloor Research, 2014

30% reduction in test cycles

Source: Bloor Research on Automated Testing

100% coverage from 12 test cases generated

Source: Bloor Research on Automated Testing

Best-of-Breed Test Design Automation

Implementing Test Design Automation can help you deliver high-quality apps through simplified requirements modeling and automated test case generation.

In this research, Bloor rated CA Agile Requirements Designer a Champion in Test Design Automation, for its strong test automation, test case design and integration capabilities.

How to Create and Maintain Test Automation Scripts in Multiple Languages at Once

Do you find it difficult to create and maintain your test automation scripts? How about generating the required data for testing, or building request and response pairs for service virtualization? Certainly, creating multiple test automation layers can be challenging.

Watch and learn how CA Agile Requirements Designer’s multi-layer configuration can help you create and maintain test automation scripts in multiple languages at once. See how automated code snippets are overlaid directly onto a model of the requirements, along with powerful data functions and virtual endpoints. And how test scripts, data, and virtual assets can all then be generated at the same time, being updated automatically when the requirements change.

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Simplifying Requirements Modeling and Test Design Automation

Manual testing slows you down dramatically. It wears out your testers, and so, errors increase while their overall productivity decreases. Test Design Automation is designed to address these challenges.

This video walks you through a simple process of modeling your requirements and automating the end-to-end test design creation process with CA Agile Requirements Designer.

Creating Your Test Cases Right from Your Requirement Models

Don’t let manual testing hold you back from delivering high quality apps, faster. One way to overcome this challenge is to implement Test Design Automation capabilities.

See how you can do Test Automation by automatically creating test cases and generating test automation scripts right from your requirement models with CA Agile Requirements Designer.

Overcoming the Top Five Misconceptions About Model-Based Testing

Model-based testing addresses the key challenges that developers and testers face when they attempt to create better software, faster. Still, many organizations have yet to realize its full potential to transform testing.

Learn the top five misconceptions to model-based testing, and see how CA Agile Requirements Designer helps teams deliver fully tested software faster than ever before.

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Test Automation & Test Case Design

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