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Website Monitoring

Ensure website availability and performance 24x7, around the world with top-of-line website monitoring tools.

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What is website monitoring?

Website monitoring is the process of testing the uptime, availability and performance of one or more websites to ensure that performance and functionality is operating as expected. It can be done inside your own network or on a global scale leveraging multiple test locations.
Website monitoring tools can include:

  • Synthetic monitoring: a type of “active” website monitoring that conducts synthetic checks from an external perspective (using a Web browser emulation of scripted recordings or Web transactions) to replicate a real user experience. This type of website monitoring helps to ensure that you’ll be first to know if your site is down or not performing as expected.
  • Real-user monitoring (RUM): a kind of “passive” website monitoring tool that captures and analyze each user interaction with a website or client interacting with a server or cloud-based application. RUM relies on services that continuously observe the system in the background. 
  • Application performance monitoring: website monitoring of performance and availability of software applications—enabling businesses to detect and diagnose complex performance issues in order to deliver better customer experiences.

Organizations utilize these website monitoring tools to typically report on metrics such as, uptime/availability, time to first byte (TTFB), complete page load time, API performance and transaction performance. Establishing a website performance monitoring strategy is essential to helping quickly identify issues such as latency, downtime and bottlenecks.

Why is website monitoring important?

In today’s web and mobile-first economy, the customer experience is critical—downtime can cost your business both lost revenue and customer loyalty. But in today’s competitive digital world, having a website that is up and running isn’t enough—, it needs to be fast too. ​

Even the best-designed website will fail to please users if it loads slowly, throws errors or is intermittently unavailable. In fact, studies show that users will abandon a website that fails to load in three 3 seconds or less. Does your website meet this threshold? ​

A website monitoring tool allows you to proactively monitor page performance and availability by continuously checking your sites, servers and applications 24/7 to deliver verification that your sites are available, fast-loading and functioning properly. So you can ensure you’re delivering the best possible user experience. 

Website Monitoring Tools

Synthetic Monitoring

Proactively monitor all aspects of your site including uptime, availability and business critical transactions from over 90 locations around the world. With checks being performed as often as one minute, you can ensure that you’ll be first to know if your site is down or not performing as expected.

Real User Monitoring

Gain real-time visibility into performance and user experience complete with user journey analysis, waterfall charts, session replay, heatmaps and drop off rates—  so you can optimize your site and deliver the experience your users expect.

End-to-End Visibility

View the complete end-to-end performance from the user all the way to the back-end application and infrastructure to eliminate blind-spots and quickly determine the root cause of issues.

Featured Solutions

CA App Synthetic Monitor

Proactively monitor app and website performance with always-on synthetic monitoring.

CA App Experience Analytics

Optimize the customer journey, improve digital performance and enhance application development.

CA Application Performance Management

Simplify the management of modern application environments and safeguard application performance.

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CA App Synthetic Monitor

Proactively monitor app and website performance with always-on synthetic monitoring.

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CA Digital Experience Insights

Monitor user experience, applications, infrastructure or the full stack in just minutes.

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