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Digital Outcome Management

Innovate faster as a product-centric organization.

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What's Digital Outcome Mangement?

Shifting your focus to digital outcome management is a key step in any digital transformation and critical for staying strategic to the business. Some 85% of organizations are already adopting or plan to adopt a product-centric delivery model, according to Gartner.

Instead of one-off projects, you now continuously manage – via upgrades and features – all underlying components comprising the digital product. A digital product is a sustained asset with an extended lifecycle. It’s often an experience that customers and employees get value from like a check-in service at an airport or checkout system at an online store or HR portal at work.

To effectively manage a digital product, you need to connect the work, teams and budgets of all its underpinnings, such as software, services and APIs. By funding digital products, rather than individual departments or projects, you get clarity on the costs, benefits and ROI of your investments.

Five Steps to Digital Outcome Management

Organize investments the way you do business.

Whether you call it products, capabilities or initiatives, Clarity PPM lets you configure investment types and fiscal periods. Set up work, teams and funding according to your own terms and categories.

Strategic Roadmaps for Continuous Planning

Map components to the digital product.

With strategic roadmaps in Clarity PPM, you can roll up the funding for underpinning applications, process and APIs comprising the digital product. Beyond project costs, see how each investment impacts the bottom line.

Familiar Financials for Deeper Analysis

Prioritize funding based on business benefits.

Mapping investments gives you clarity into the digital products’ financial viability. Whether a check-in system at an airport or HR portal at work, weigh the cost of all supporting components with the benefits of the digital product itself before making your next business decision.

Empower developers to work in agile teams.

Connecting Clarity PPM to Rally gives developer teams the autonomy to optimize delivery – their way. Added transparency shows them how their product affects the overall business, boosting team spirit.

Scoreboards to Gamify Team Work

Act with a 360-degree view of your operations.

One solution with real-time data on tasks, funds and teams to help business executives, including financial and resource managers, make smart decisions. Manage business outcomes with clear visibility across all initiatives in the enterprise.

Benefits of Digital Outcome Management

Head of PMO

  • Adapt quickly with leaner business operations.
  • Pivot toward new opportunities and away from competitive threats with agility.
  • Foster happier teams with collaboration and transparency.

Business Executives

  • Disrupt markets by seizing first-mover advantage.
  • Grow revenue by prioritizing critical work.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by fulfilling new demands with direct impact on positive outcomes.

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