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Workload Automation Advanced Integration for SAP®

Extend workflow scheduling capabilities and improve visibility of SAP apps with seamless integration

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Reduce the complexity of managing mission critical, cross enterprise SAP jobs

An SAP system landscape typically includes a large number of installed SAP and non-SAP systems. Organizations want to monitor their entire mission-critical workloads from a single reliable interface. Workload Automation Advanced Integration for SAP delivers the ability for SAP users to utilize their familiar software environment to improve service delivery and simplify monitoring and managing cross-enterprise jobs.

Workload Automation Advanced Integration for SAP Solution Manager enables SAP users to monitor and manage jobs that are scheduled and executed by Workload Automation from within a central location in SAP Solution Manager.

Workload Automation Advanced Integration for SAP Business Warehouse (BW) allows SAP users to add Workload Automation jobs in their SAP BW process chains, eliminating the need to breakup existing or create segmented process chains, while maintaining a comprehensive process view.


Reduce workload complexity

Reduce the complexity of managing mission critical SAP jobs that span across SAP and non-SAP applications.

Manage from one central location

Obtain better insight into all business process steps from one central location within SAP.

Automation for better parallel processing

Automatically trigger jobs at the right time to better support parallel processing.

Obtain better insight from one central location within SAP

Working with CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, you can:

  • Automate and extend the scheduling capabilities of both SAP and non-SAP system jobs within a centralized location
  • Visualize and manage dependencies through a single processing view
  • Support secure self-service through consistent workload policy for, and governance over, all SAP and non-SAP system jobs
  • Streamline the process of updating job documentation to reduce delays in problem tracking and improving service delivery

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