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CA Workload Automation iDash

Efficient, finely tuned automation environment with predictive workload analytics.

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Powerful analytics for critical path monitoring

CA Workload Automation iDash (iDash) ensures that you consistently deliver on service level guarantees by applying advanced workload analytics to create finely tuned workload automation environments. iDash performs real-time forecasts based on the current status of the system, generate alerts when thresholds are at risk of being missed, and even executes automated recovery actions for AutoSys Workload Automation and CA Workload Automation CA 7® Edition environments.


Performance Monitoring with Rich Graphics

Intuitive dashboard display and targeted critical path view helps signal potential problems before they impact your business.

Reduced Risk of Business Disruption

Proactive SLA and critical path management.

Improved Workload Automation Service Levels.

Industry-leading diagnosis and resolution capabilities delivered through a user-friendly interface.

Predict and prevent downtime before it happens

Only CA Workload Automation iDash delivers:

  • Real-time Forecasting and Critical Path Analysis that provide accurate prediction of SLAs by monitoring and forecasting job flows, and automatically generating the critical path jobs to help prevent business disruption
  • Automated Recovery Procedures that create automated recovery actions, including ability to close out alerts and alarms when the SLAs have recovered
  • Comprehensive Historical Reporting that provides an extensive set of customizable reports, graphs, and charts for the real-time and archived data

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