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Workload Automation iXp

Improve decision-making accuracy with real-time content.

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Optimal and simple to use user interface to AutoSys Workload Automation

Workload Automation iXp can help you better manage, monitor, forecast and secure AutoSys Workload Automation by delivering centralized workload management across multiple instances, versions and environments.

It uses an intuitive, web-based interface to help you visualize, create and control AutoSys Workload Automation objects, inviting improved accuracy and responsiveness to your team’s workload management tasks. This solution’s critical path monitoring and predictive analysis can help your team improve its decision-making accuracy on business-critical tasks and solve problems before they occur.


Better informed decision-making

Provides accuracy and timeliness by leveraging advanced viewing and reporting features.

Promotes workload application availability

Enables cross enterprise business impact monitoring by simulating “what-if” scenarios using forecast analysis.

Improves security and facilitates compliance

Provides a single sign-on authentication with role-based privileges and detailed auditing features for better control and compliance.

Dependable, reliable solutions that keep the lights on

Workload Automation iXp delivers:

· Improved decision-making accuracy and timeliness by leveraging advanced the viewing and reporting features

· Increased staff productivity and helps simplify workload management by rendering a single view across the entire AutoSys Workload Automation environment

· Improved workload application availability across the enterprise by simulating “what-if” scenarios using forecast analysis

· Improved security and facilitates compliance with single sign-on authentication, role-based privileges and detailed auditing features

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