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Up Your App Game with CA Workload Automation

See why businesses are choosing our workload automation solution over the competitors.

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“With a total of 50 developer teams that save an average of 1 hour every day, the time savings [of CA WLA] to development teams of directly managing job scheduling totaled more than 13,000 hours per year, which is valued at more than $2.1 million over three years.*”

—Source: Forrester TEI Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of CA Technologies Workload Automation

Better tools get better results.

Better productivity

One large financial firm chose CA over BMC® and boosted productivity over 80%*.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: BAD-A1F-08E

Better batch processing

One global pharmaceuticals firm replaced ASG with CA Workload Automation and reduced batch processing by 40% to 60%*.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: EFD-3D7-CD4

Better service level agreements

A Fortune 500 financial services company improved SLAs up to 100%* by picking CA Workload Automation over IBM® and BMC.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 31C-265-FFB

“We’ve had bad systems from other organizations that we’ve adopted or bought. [CA] Workload Automation … is actually a better scheduler in my opinion.”

—Antony St Mary, Sr. Engineer, Financial Services Company

See how CA Workload Automation stacks up against the competition.

Read the eBook, “CA Delivers Mission-Essential Workload Automation,” to find out why customers choose CA Workload Automation over other competitors in the field, including IBM and BMC.

CA or the other guys? The facts speak for themselves.

IT Central Station ranked CA Workload Automation against IBM and BMC. The results? We’re #1*. Learn more about why CA Workload Automation comes out on top.

“[CA] Workload Automation gives a lot of insight for the client, to better understand how they can actually automate the process of scheduling the jobs within their environment. [CA] Workload Automation really plays a good role.”

—Ranjeeth Kumar Allampalli, Architect, IT Services Company

Real users get real results from CA Workload Automation.

For organizations looking to upgrade from an Open Source job scheduler to an enterprise level workload automation solution: CA Workload Automation increased productivity of Application Development teams by $2.1M by reducing 50 hours per day spent managing workloads.*”

Source: Forrester TEI Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of CA Technologies Workload Automation

CA Workload helps us manage complex job streams in an effective way that reduces errors and re-runs. This allows us to meet out batch SLA requirement.” See how one enterprise insurance company chose CA Workload Automation over IBM—and improved productivity up to 60%*.”

Source: TechValidate. TVID: BCB-C2D-DD4

BMC Control-M® was … overly complex and cumbersome. Also, it is worth noting that product failover incurs an immediate outage (as long or short as your failover technology will allow it to be) whereas the [CA Workload Automation] AutoSys outage is incurred during a maintenance window and functionality is maintained during the failover.”

Philippe Thérond, Enterprise IT Management Consultant, Tech Services company

Source: IT Central Station Review

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Is your business evolving? Automate application workloads with maximum flexibility.

What’s the potential financial impact of choosing CA Workload Automation?

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