SiteMinder platform support matrix for all SiteMinder components

Reinitialize replication in a multi-node cluster

Version mismatch error while integrating IDM 12.6.8 with CABI JasperReports

How can one access the OtherAccount attributes from the CLITOOL.jar java API ?

What should be size of catalog directory

Pressing F3 in OWB throws error "Encountered while executing command"

Do I need the exact required Linux libraries for 12.52 SP1 apache agent installation as indicated in the guide?

How to Enable Debugging for Fast Data Masker (FDM)

Are the CDB and PDB databases in Oracle 12c supported for Service Management Products?

How to resolve a "403.4 - Forbidden" error at the browser on an IIS8.5 Web Server with the R12.52 SP1 CA Single Sign On Web Agent installed.

Which CA Top Secret CICS programs does CONCURRENCY(QUASIRENT) is mandatory for?

Microsoft ASP.NET ValidateRequest Filters Bypass Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in NFA

How to upload PTFs from your PC to a PDS member on the mainframe?

Any properties we can set to change the location where log files are written and is there a retention policy so logs will automatically be removed by Web Viewer to prevent the filesystem filling?

After a fail over the original background server hangs in starting state and it is not possible to make it back as the background server

When displaying a Keyring I see a certificate with a label '***All Certificates for User***', is that an actual Certificate LABEL?

XCart with Replace mode does not replace trusted host object when performing XPSImport. Error Duplicate value

How to Identify a CA View Database's Large Reports Using the SARGRW Program.

Cannot open log file because it is being used by another application.

CA PA Google Chrome Bubble Errors

How is a Reboot event determined?

Is it possible to backup the static route configuration with the CA API Gateway backup/restore feature?

WADE Web UI WebServer did not install Windows service

After upgrading JAVA on CA SDM server, SOAP calls generate a 'Soapenv:Server.userException' error

How to change the status of the CA SDM ticket automatically with Macros and Events.

What to do when the xFlow Weather icon does not show up only for some users?

MSP Assignment Units changes not Saving

Key not available for node WIN2K12AGT

Are There any CA View Utilities that Will List Reports Based on Date?

[706051103]: Invalid password format error using smpwservices

Is There a Setting That Will Have a JCL Error Display as a Critical Exception Condition?

Are There Any Alternatives to Copying CA View Tapes That can be Used in Place of SARPAC?

How to customize message descriptor if send reply directly in inbound MQ connection on CA API Gateway.

How to read PasswdSvcUserAtt value in the user attribute

What do I do if I get this highlighted message? ESF172 Unsupported Connect:Direct Release found

CA Agile Central Support for Github Applications

Issue with attachment file name

Reset Your Password

How to Upgrade CA MICS?

Troubleshooting Gateway application failures, performance concerns, and service outages

What is required for ACF2 for setup of z/OSMF 2.1?

Preparation for removal of Default OMVSUSR and OMVSGRP

Configuring and installing the audit record maintenance script

I am preparing to implement z/OS 2.1 with ACF2 R15. IBM announced that BPX.DEFAULT.USER was being removed at this release. What do I need to do to setup my system so that I can remove the default UID and GID from the ACF2 GSO UNIXOPTS record?

How to Download Test Data Manager

How to download CA Single Sign-On (formerly SiteMinder) components

GMU Tool : Basic migrateOut and migrateIn Examples

Connecting Maileater to Office 365 Mail

Troubleshooting Validation Errors of Autosys Server and Credential User within WCC 11.3

APM 10.5.1 HF #9 fixes the issue that the Browser Agent JavaScript calculator not aggregating metrics and includes prior release hotfixes (including the SmartStor Database Corruption fix).

CA API Management Gateway: Certificate-related errors in audits and logs

How to force NFA to use HTTPS when accessing site using HTTP

Unable to login to CA Agile Central

Latest Applyptf

Error: Could not resolve the next scheduled execution for event

Dual Netflow Stream Causing Bogus Interfaces

How can I get all of CA Datacom/DB published PTFs for z/OS when we do not have CA Chorus Mainframe Software Manager (CSM)?

How to find z/OS 2.2 Compatibility information

Scaling Client Automation (ITCM): How to improve collect task and replication task performance by limiting the amount of hardware and software scans sent by agents.

What are the possible handshake errors in policy server?

NFA Custom Reports are getting stuck in Queued or Defined but not completing

Clarity 13.3.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

Implementing Single Sign On (SSO) using WAFFLE for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) using Tomcat Web Server

Clarity has a vulnerability to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks

Managing the Gateway appliance privileged (root) account

How do I upgrade from Datacom/AD 10.0/11.0/12.0 to Datacom/AD 15.0?

Error in Event Service is thrown for several different error messages coming from CA SAM

Workload Automation CA 7 maintenance grid

How Do I Troubleshooting Missing Data

Autoping failed from Autosys server to a particular Agent

New CABI component is not working on new install

CA Top Secret Implement 256-Bit AES Encryption

Spectrum 10.2 with Report Manager integrated, BeanNotReadyException errors are seen when the OneClick Spectrum Tomcat is restarted.

Configuring and Installing the Binary Log ("Binlog") Management Script on the CA API Gateway appliance

Patches Required by Client Automation for Windows 10 Support.

How do I clear the CAM queue?

What are the download and installation procedures for eHealth

Shrinking MySQL ibdata file

Admin console for probe SNMPCollector not able to open.

Where can I find the LMP Product Code for CA File Master Plus?

Missing Robots and/or Robot metrics in Unified Service Manager (USM)


CA Service Desk Manager Performance Problems - Quick Checklist

How to download and install all available maintenance for CA Endevor SCM?

ITAMClient.log displays error FATAL CA.Common.Web - Error initializing EEM eiam.config. Inaccessible logs Security

How To Export and Import EEM Policies (using the GUI)

UMP At-A-Glance Report Fails with "Unknown Error"

Link to Download Agile Central Connectors.

How to Enable SPS logs

The usage of NX_SREL_BLOCKS_TIMEOUT to improve Performance in CA Service Desk Manager

Is there a way to determine the number of Workstation connections in CA Workload Automation ESP Edition.

We are not able to install any Options in CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM). The status of the option remains as "In Progress". The CA SDM installation may present errors as well.

UMP - No metrics available displayed for many nodes

Computer Identification: Everything you need to know about the HostUUID and computer uniqueness in Client Automation.

Installing and using packet capture tools for the 8-series of the Layer 7 Gateway

ELIB performance.

An approach to help APM-CEM stop recording sessions.

Java agent causing error: Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.HashMap cannot be cast to

Using CA Process Automation (CA PAM) to call Asset Portfolio Management (APM) 12.x webservices to update an object in Asset Portfolio Management

CA Service Desk Manager 14.x documentation location

Unable to configure LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) for ADA, NFA or UCM

PPM 14.3 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

Where is the documentation for CA Endevor V18?

How to uninstall CABI

CA Workload Control Center Error: E131013 Job not collected in WCC.

CABI is temporarily unavailable

Synch fails with error 'Flatten Failed on Interface'

CA UIM (Nimsoft) Database Best Practices for MS SQL Server

How to Download Agile Requirements Designer

How can I check Product new information, Published solution and Opened/closed Cases in the past ?

Can the automatic discovery/creation of Access Points (AP) in CA Spectrum be stopped for any Wireless Lan Controller (WLC)?

How to download HOLDDATA information, for CA COMMON SERVICES.

Smart Instrumentation cross-process automatic trace affects Application Operations

How to remove CA-wcc-db service

How to restore an eHealth database from backup

API gateway: Optimizing for Large Files and Messages

CAUAJM_E_00051 Unable to create thread

ITAM web service API - ITAMObject does not return a list

New WAAE server validation fails in WCC Configuration tab

How may we identify performance issues in Service Desk and what type of data is helpful to Support to resolve these issues?

How to configure LDAP in CA UIM (Nimsoft) hub to integrate with AD authentication

CA API Management Product Suite - End of Service

What are the ports used by the ITCM Agent ?

How to configure Jasper Studio for editing existing reports and creating new reports for CA Service Desk Manager data on Jasper Server.

Where can I find my old cases in CA Support Online?

How to Test/Access ITAM Web Service

How to enable LDAP authentication in CABI 6.1 JasperServer Reports

Interface Host based report throws the message "An error occurred! Control 30002" and causes the nfa_mysqlCSE service to stop on the Linux Harvester server.

CA-ACF2 Setup for MQSeries External Security

Oracle Checkpoint Queries

The Host Configuration tab for NCM is grayed out or Different Type Model alarms show in the CA Spectrum OneClick gui.

Steps to repoint the CA Asset Portfolio Management 12.9 or 14.1 application to a new database

Abends after applying IBM PTFs UA76233 or UA76232, or z/OS 2.2

How to use the CAZIPXP utility to unzip your .CAZ file

SMAUTHREASON reason code document (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 176074)

How to set up Embedded Entitlement Manager (EEM) tracing with CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)

Device is not showing in Enable Interfaces but is showing in the Harvester and Poller databases.

Where can I find a list of the product codes corresponding to my CA products?

We are getting a PSA0125 error message when starting the Xmanager

Command issued to HISRV from OPS/MVS fails with OPS3092H containing RSC X'00B60039'

Time calculations for CA 7 controlled jobs

How can SPECTRUM automatically clear an alarm after a certain amount of time has passed in SPECTRUM? (Legacy KB ID CNC TS31465 )

Enabling LDAP(S) authentication and authorization for the Gateway configuration menu

Import Data to Your Subscription

Tips and Techniques for Managing Endevor Elibs

How to Set up ACF2 to Validate PROGRAM Execution

Watchdog warnings

hub subscriber limits

How to delete router and its interfaces through mysql commands

Where can I download CA Vantage SRM r14.0?

How can if find the Restful Web service methods and syntax definitions available with CA Service Desk Manager?

Time Slicing Terminology Explanation

How to deploy CA PAM in AWS

An ADA/MTP/APM TIM Release Compatibility List.

CA SAM 12.7 install fails on database creation

How do the new Incremental releases operate compared to the traditional releases?

Frequently Asked Questions for Workload Automation SE (CA7) 11.3

When trying to login to NFA 9.3.3 I receive HTTP ERROR 500 Problem accessing /sso/sign-in-process.jsp'.

Access Denied to autosys_secure

Restrict SCA From Resetting MSCA Password?

I do not see see data in reports that have a Time Filter applied in NFA 9.3.2 and later.

Failed to connect to the Software Delivery Manager. Please ensure all processes are running [CMM000325]

CTS 5.2 upgrade CA DADS Plus startup message DP1045.

Primary SpectroSERVER crashes in a Fault Tolerant environment after Spectrum upgrade from 10.1.1 to 10.02.00

Error: CAUAJM_E_10436 after the EEM HA failover. WAAE CLIs does not work.

Security messages to add to CA TPX SAMT when employing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Advanced Authentication Mainframe (AAM) Support

Steps to increase the JVM Heap Size for Tomcat in CA Service Desk Manager

Why does utility TMSUNCAT Abend with U0002?

How do I configure CAM to use TCP from the command line?

How to disable word wrap in Alarms tab Events column in CA Spectrum OneClick

autorep -M ALL displays an agent with a status of offline but the agent, cybAgent, is running.

'SEVERE' error: 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded' reported in SSG Logs

Can CA Ideal user person names start with a number?

How to register a custom WIM image to be deployed by OSIM

Platform Support Matrix for CA Advanced Authentication

Using SSO with the CA Agile Central Excel add-in

vmware probe - tips for troubleshooting some common vmware problems / alarms

Resources added to or changed in the staff of an Other Work instance via XOG cannot add the Other Work task to their timesheets

Troubleshooting Certificates In Maileater

CCC Silent Installation failed with exit code 126

Updated Endevor Upgrade and Conversion checklist

How to move from Derby to MS-SQL database for CA Workload Control Center (CA WCC)

When drilling down to NFA from CAPC 3.0 I am redirected to the login page instead of bypassing the login.

CA SAM Full Release Update CA SAM Patch differences and installation

When falling back to 14.0 do I have to manually reverse the transactions from AD15UPG and AD15TRN?

How can I redirect Users with expired password to custom fcc instead of smpwservices.fcc?

After installing JasperSoft 6.x, receive following error when accessing web interface: HTTP Status 404 - /jasperserver-pro type Status report message /jasperserver-pro description The requested resource is not available.

How do I find the CICS Compatibility information for the CA mainframe products?

How to install an ITCM agent, and prerequisites, using a single command line.


Very frequent handshake errors

Procedure to reinstall the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) ODBC client and server services in CA SDM R14.1

Is there an easy way to see how full the CA Datacom LXX(logging file) is?

RACF Commands From IBM's FEKRACF Member And The CA Top Secret Equivalent Commands.

How To: Change AUTOSYS DB login/user password when the current password is unknown.

When multiple events are firing or having their conditions checked within a brief period of time, some Service Type Events are delayed by a few minutes when firing

Alarm_enrichment queue backed up

How to determine if a NetFlow enabled device is sending the correct fields and data using WireShark.

Sandbox Requests

Where can I locate the WebUI (or Web Client) install file?

Unable to login to xFlow due to userAccountControl error with LDAP integration

Using program SASSXTRK to extract records from the CA 7 log data

We are working with IBM to test connection from an LDAP to ACF2. What is the ACF2 equivalent of the RACF RACMAP command?

How do I download the Hold Data?

Vcenter server is not responding - Reason: Connection and/or inventory update failure - (12)login failed, VI SDK invoke exception - Certificates does not conform to algorithm constraints

How to reset discovery in CA UIM 8.10 or later

Username Conflict when adding a new user in CA Agile Central.

Z/OS compatibility

CA Spool files does not print correctly, lines feeds are missing, when VTAM Transparency characters x'35' are found.

I am getting alarms when I do not have alarms turn on for a profile or my template has alarms turned on and profile does not get updated to turn alarm on.

Using the COBOL 5.x or COBOL 6.1 Compiler with CA Gen

I've just upgraded my Panvalet software to release 14.6. Now I need to apply any maintenance that has been issued since the base release. Is there a cumulative group of PTFs available for download?

10.2 SS crash or hang in NCM code

I am trying to work out how security for automount of zFS file systems works.

Error "Unable to access job" trying to restart a CA WA ESP failed job

eHealth will not start or continually crashes, what do I do?

Login failures on MSSQL jobs using Windows domain authentication

The SCCM _inv_raw_arp import will not run. We see this error in the log: [SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server] Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int.

How to send a CA Detector for DB2 for z/OS datastore to technical support if requested.

How to add ServiceDesk schema changes to CA Business Intelligence derived universe?

How to configure External Authentication for Service Desk using IIS 6.0?

Reinstalling ASP .NET

How to use Sapwalk2

CA MetaCOBOL z/OS Compatibility

Support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 on CA Access Gateway (formerly CA Secure Proxy Server)

autoping -m fails

Installing CA Process Automation version 4.2

Detailed CORA Trouble-Shooting Guide

CA Common Services addresses the SSL V 3 0 Poodle security vulnerability.

hub and tunnel connection settings in 7.x

How to get all solutions for CA Datacom/AD 15.0 PTFs via the Maintenance Grid for z/OS?

Command Job Fails With Exit Code 2

CAUAJM_E_10527 Timed out waiting for response returned by autorep on Linux RedHat 7.2

How to add or change a site id to your CSM installation

What is the maximum number of active generations of an application?

CA Spectrum web services calls return NoSuchAttribute errors or Locater searching returns unknown/blank entries or list views are not populating

Error when trying to reinstall the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) ODBC services in Service Desk 14.1

Why does message “XCOMN0287E Error setting remote user id” appear?

How to check end of service announcement on

How to Manage Identity Manager Tasks Stuck In-Progress

How To Convert a WCC 11.3.x DB to Oracle

CA DRAS server is not available for security check

How can I get all of CA Datacom/AD Version 15.0 published PTFs for z/OS when we do not have CA Chorus Mainframe Software Manager (CSM)?

The Timeslicing Job Fails With Exception: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver]Object has been closed.

What are the proper procedures to follow if I need to back out RO54507?

Getting CAUAJM_E_60152 Error while trying to Regenerate EEM Certificates

Cannot browse for unit for the Project Department OBS field

"AHD04400:Argument error" during user operation, with corresponding messages in the stdlog indicating that a specific parameter value failed against the pattern and request will be rejected

How to Receive and Apply an Offline Agile Designer License

CA NFA DNS/SNMP Proxies service will not start up

ITAM 14.1 - Steps to reset uapmadmin password

Synchronization failure between CAPC and the Data Aggregator data source

How to properly restart the CA Performance Management environment

z/OS 2.2 compatability and toleration requirements

DBMaint fails since upgrade to 11.3.6 SP1 on Windows

XPS Transaction COMMIT has failed errors for AgentInstance in smps logs

Recommendations for allocating the Datacom Log File (LXX) for CA 7

Cause of 'Invalid AFM' error when submitting jobs to a System AGENT.

Manual Uninstall of EEM

How to configure my DA to make use of new resources.

Are multiple Domains supported on the ALTNAME keyword?

How can I find the Life Cycle information - GA Date, Version, End of Support (EOS) Date, etc. - for my CA Top Secret products?

How to go about LDAP authentication setup?

Display various filler values in CA Repository for z/OS WebStation Option

What do the values in the policy server stats output mean?

How can I merge QOS data after making an IP Address change for a network device that I already have QOS for in the SLM database?

Spectrum Archive Manager fails to start with no user model error

How to obtain and import a Trusted Certificate into the CA Single Sign-On Administrative UI

Getting the error message NOT ENOUGH DATA BLOCKS updating a member in a CA Panvalet library. How do I expand a CA Panvalet PANLIB library?

TSSCAI and CICS Storage Protection Error

The Datamart Extraction job will not work when the SQL Server Agent is enabled in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Getting "Error creating stdout spool file" when running one JOB through CA ESP System Agent for UNIX

How do I determine if our site needs to utilize the RULELONG facility of CA ACF2 Security?

How to correctly send the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS CDBALOAD load library which is a PDSE data set to technical support.

WHAT IS CCS390 RELEASE, 14.0 OR 14.1?

When do we have to use the flag XX:-UseSplitVerifier ? Why is this needed

Message error - Error executing Flow Forensics report on host x.x.x.x

CA Spectrum install fails unable to connect to SRAdmin

Migrate users from 11.0 to 11.3.6


CA Datacom 14.0 upgrade job BDUPG07 STEP9E DDPFI30001 FILE NAME NOT CODED

Will STATUS command for CA WA ESP Workstation Server STC clean up connections?

How to address "Delayed Server Response Message" in Service Desk web interface.

Sending messages in policy via Syslog

Harvester and Reporter are not syncing Null Pointer in CollPollWS-wrapper.log

How to perform a DTS/SD cleanup?

REVMGR-20728: Rates and Costs are both missing for one or more roles/resources

How to move eHealth to a new system 6.2.x

Unicenter CA-Jobtrac Job Management Event Console Logging Enhancement

Unable to start the Layer 7 Gateway: Error creating bean with name 'jmsBootProcess'

Unable to update a user certificate via the REST Management API

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:org.apache.juli.logging.LogFactory bringing up Tomcat for CA Output Management Web Viewer

Can I use the same SPNPARM for Concurrent Action Processing, CMEW and the Web Services ?

Unable to create new tasks in PPM

Overview of Documentation needed to troubleshoot problems with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1

How to update the CA Performance Center (CAPC) SSL/TLS certificate

NetQoS Reporter Manager Service fails to start with the error of 1053

SPS Tuning on Linux

Connecting CA Workload Automation EE Report Server to Oracle database.

How do we delete Relationships in CMDB?

After upgrade to TPX 5.3, cannot logon to TSO or CICS.

FieldContext function example to initialize a profile screen attribute.

What can cause error JVMJZBL2008E Could not find or load class: org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap upon Tomcat startup?

How to generate source statements from some CA Datacom custom load modules?

After installing java jre update 1.8.0_131 or higher, users can no longer launch the Spectrum OneClick client.

How can I configure CAM to use TCP instead of UDP?

We are seeing these errors while creating the indexes for wcc: ORA-01450: maximum key length (3118) exceeded

SQL Exception for query: TRUNCATE TABLE < > the exception is: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

What are the new features of Endevor 12.0?

What are the new features of Endevor 18.0.00?

Anti-Virus recommendations for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM)

CAS9SAFC missing default resource classes

Modify the Default Password for User ca_itrm When Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is Used on Windows

Error: "AHD05237:An internal error with surveys occurred." In Browser When Submitting A Survey

Jobs get stuck in starting

Service Desk fails to start on a system with multiple NICs

How to setup up a dedicated secondary hub (failover hub) for the Primary Hub using the HA probe

How to Delete Licenses for Agile Requirements Designer

Fluctuating agent inventory causes poor Engine Collect Task performance on versions r12.9 and r14.0.

How to submit a device certification request for CA Spectrum (Legacy KB ID TEC517523)

Configuration Policy to disables IPv6 addresses

No Device Name is showing in Router Name

Procedure for setting up EXTERNAL DATASET TRACKING/TRIGGERING with CA 7 Workload Automation.

How to enabled EEM client side JAVA SDK logging.

Email Table Maintenance in AllFusion Endevor Change Manager

How Can I replace an expiring or expired user digital certificate signed by a local CA (Certificate Authority)

We will soon be installing DS8886 dasd (large EAV support). Could you tell me if there are any issues that may affect Auditor?

How to verify usage of CAIRACF DD statement?

CAIRIM r14.1 fails to initialize and issues message - CAS9125E - INVALID DATA: * SEVERE ERROR PARMLIB DD. CHECK CAIRIM USAGE

Job on LINUX Remote Agent fails with "socket read <>, rc=0"

Is CA Performance Management vulnerable to CVE-2017-5638 (Apache Struts)

CA Top Secret zOSMF and the ZMFAPLA resource commands

How to install the Agents using MSIEXEC commands?

Migration error while upgrading NFA Harvester from 9.3.3 to 9.3.6

Is SASSXDSN (external data set tracking table) used in tracking external file creations on distributed servers?

CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) performance is poor when using Oracle Database Management System (DBMS) to host the MDB.

In using Apache 'Prefork' MPM mode, Policy Server output HandShake Errors.

Single client tunnel can not connect to primary hub

What is my upgrade path to the latest version 8.5.1

Requirements for Performance Management Certification Request

SystemEDGE will not Start and Uninstall/reinstall fails.

SNMP community string change practice

How to tell if the CA Datacom LXX is formatted VARIABLE blocked as required starting with Version 14.0?

A CI attribute in a notification email sent out by the Multiple Notification is displayed as a blank.

How to reset EIAM Admin Password if lost?

Compatibility and End of Life Policies for Service Desk and CMDB

Why are TPX VSAM files defined with SHAREOPTIONS(4,3) instead of (4,4)?

NetQoS Reaper service not starting

How to Disable Firewall Proxies in CAM

CA Spectrum Event Storage Best Practices

Elements Missing from TopN reports

Procedure to increase Tomcat memory for Service Desk R11.2.

Harvester is not processing data. java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in Harvester wrapper logs

Flow Statistics Database Files Missing

How to automatically fix missing metrics in USM

Is there a command that resets an expiration date on a Digital Certificate?

General guide for troubleshooting issue of redo log files that fill up the ArchiveLogs directory

Trying to download Eclipse Plugin for Harvest SCM 12.6, but it doesn't appear anymore, where could I find it ?

Where can I find the End of Support dates for the CA IDMS releases?

Is there any impact when era name of the Japanese calendar is changed?

How to upgrade Apache Tomcat web server used with CABI JasperSoft

How set up Single Sign-On with HTTPS for CA ADA, NFA and UCM

TELNET Signed Certificate Setup with CA TOP SECRET as the Certificate Authority

nas GUI takes a long time to open (sync)

How to use qos_processor to enrich/modify QoS messages

Configure CA Workload Automation AE to Send Email Notifications on Windows.

How to Migrate Netqos Performance Center(NPC) to a New Server

New Format of the LISTAPTF Command

Prevent a survey from being sent based on request/incident category

Fatal Alert received: Handshake Failure

No Activity Log is displayed on specific tickets

Scheduler often shutdown

How to implement CA-ACF2 as the security system for TPX ?

JAVA error while launching SPECTRUM 10.2 Installer "Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion"

When I start the ldap server for CEM, CEMELDAP, it fails to connect with error messages ETLDP43I CA LDAP Server connect to DB=CEMEDBU in process ETLDP45E CA LDAP Server connect to DB=CEMEDBU failed, return code=-1 How do I fix this problem?

Top Secret r16.0 and Top Secret r15.0 Shared Security File

How to Setup Location Awareness in CA Client Automation (formerly CA IT Client Manager)

How to receive Monthly Platform Patch Updates and other Notifications

MS Project (MSP) new driver features

How to resolve IEW2606S error?

R12.52 SP1 CR5 Secure Proxy Server crashes

How do I change from Internal to External Security for CA Roscoe?

How to localize smpwservices.fcc with SiteMinder?

All ITCM 12.5 GA components are subject to a critical issue which can render the product completely non-functional after roughly one year of operation. Enterprise/Domain/Scalability Servers and Agent machines on Win/AIX/Linux all can be affected.

Admin UI hangs when submitting tasks

Results of Performance Testing Conducted on CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) 12.9 and CA SDM 14.1

How to install CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 3.3 SP2 (also referred to as Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) 3.1 SP7) to an existing CABI r3 SP5 (CABI 3.3) install?

Does ACF2 support virtual Keyrings?

Product List Update Fails with IO Error

CA Performance Manager SSL password configuration

How to run SQL queries on the Derby Database for WCC

Uninstall Autosys Agent

The Archive and Purge rules did not run. When I use Run Now, I receive the message: Attempt to start a second archive and purge process for the rule. Abort the new process. How can I get the rules to run?

Unable to view the OSIM Wizards or the Shortcuts to create OS and Boot Images in the DSM Explorer?

How To Implement AES Encryption with CA Top Secret?

enable catalog's EEM SDK logging level

How to configure SDM with SSL when using IIS with SSL?

Harvester showing System Status errors

Policy Server: Unable to create Object with Names larger than 64 characters.

How to stop email messages in the stdlog, of the forms “No notification method” or “Email address is not set.”

How to locate a large element in an Endevor Library(ELIB) and prevent an CLIB003E error message.

Why does C1DEFLTS macro fails with assemble error with rc=12 when assembled under V18.0 ?

Update a ticket through maileater without passing the ticket ID in the email body

Error EE_SPONSORERROR iSponsor Error ISP_ERROR_NOGATEWAY igateway not running in stdlog

Preparation for implementation of CA Advanced Authentication Mainframe (AAM) or IBM’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) support

Adding an LDAPS identity provider via the Layer 7 Policy Manager

Differences Between CA Agile Central's Sandbox and Production Environments

How To Regenerate EEM Certificates for CA Workload Automation AE and CA Workload Control Center

CA Log Analyzer job under DB2 11 Extended RBA fails with message LAE0181I GEN0298E Converted DB2 BSDS. How can this be addressed?

Where can I find the new features PTFs for the v18 incremental?


How can I set a default value for a dropdown field in an Incident form?

ESM error "maximum data size limit would be exceeded" during policy migration

How Does Discovery Correlation Work?

length limit in ntevl probe

Windows Command-line Probe Utility (pu.exe) crashes upon execution of controller probe_deactivate callback

Using CA Agile Central - QC connector to link CA Agile Central story to CA Agile Central test case

How to Submit an Enhancement Request for CA APM.

During the CA Data Content Discovery Controller startup, I see an error similar to the following error: 'DCEKEY length out of range, Max=230, Actual=8', How do I address the error?

How to configure a service to access vSphere 5.5 on CA PAM

Advanced Reporting Option to Import and Export

CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 Getting error: Connection failure in CC client.init return code 0x0008

Error: "An error occurred while trying to view the document" When loading reports in Reports tab within Service Desk 14.1

How to change the Hostname or IP Address on a SpectroSERVER or OneClick Server

After installing the SPS, the Admin UI does not start and it reports many errors with the java beans. How can I solve it ?

Gateway 9.2 Patch reports success but version remains at 9.1

How to configure the CA Datacom version 14.0 or 15.0 MUF for XCF use.

CA Spectrum's OneClick Tomcat process has high cpu. Eventually it experiences a memory leak and crashes.

When accessing the NFA web page without specifying /ra I get a 500 error.

Unable to search users in the CA xFlow Analyst Interface

How to apply UIM License

How to Unlock the SSM User Account password

How to perform a software delivery cleanup using WinOffline.

Adding Data Source failed Data source is already registered to another Performance Center

Jobs getting failed with error code 20007

IBM z13 processor compatibility for CA Easytrieve

How to install CA Endevor Software Change Manager Plug-in for Eclipse ?

How is "GC Capacity (%)" calculated?

CA Spectrum modeling is unable to proceed due to modeling being locked by another process.

CAPM Web Sizing Tool

I can not remember the mdbadmin password. Can the password be reset?

"Quality of Service" tab missing in Data_engine and policy_engine does not start

Configure CA Asset Portfolio Management and CA Software Asset Manager to communicate securely using the SSL protocol

How do I redistribute CA-Realia runtime to my clients?

Configuring Identity Manager timeout settings


When attempting to add a data source to NPC I receive a message stating the data source is linked to another instance of performance center.

SPECTRUM Control Panel does not start


How can I automatically unzip CAZ files with Cazipxp.exe?

Which JAVA runtime should be used for Tomcat with Endevor Web Service: 64-bit or 31-bit?

Abend S0C4-04 in CASRVASI+x'B4' at startup of CAVARSRV

Information on CA Spectrum 64bit Java (JRE) Client Support for OneClick clients

Attachments in Service Desk Manager (SDM) no longer work after installing a Windows Update

WebLogic 12cR2 compatibility on APM 10.2

How to export WCC Monitoring Views to a file

Old SNMPv3 Engine ID Records Cause Discoveries To Fail in CA Spectrum

Either the subject does not exist in eHealth, or the User does not have permission to report on subject. IP:Address index eHealth failed to create the report. (Legacy KB ID CNC TS32323 )

CPU and Memory Utilization alarms set and clear within seconds in CA Spectrum

How should encryption be specified/configured when installing 11.3 agents when WAAE R11.3 Scheduler should support *both* 11.3 and V4.51 agents?

How to change EEM(Embedded Entitlements Manager) Password in WCC (CA Workload Automation) environment.

How to recreate the WCC Schema objects for Oracle

ITAM 14.1 installation with TLS 1.2 enabled with EEM

How to improve performance of AD Synchronization for DSM?

Defragmentation of NimsoftSLM database

z/OS 2.1 JES2/JES3: SAF Check for Job Input Class

Threshold events not getting to Spectrum

How can I extract the program call stack of a core file on Unix/Linux?

Poor performance while using the DSM Explorer

Where can I find the documentation for the Mainframe Team Center - Network Management (MTC-NM), the new GUI?

How to Install and configure SSL on NPC, ReporterAnalyzer, Netvoyant, Superagent, and Unified Communications Monitor.

snmpcollector error on template editor PPM 025 ctd

How do we FTP a file to CA support?

Maileater gets connection refused errors to Exchange Server.

DCI-Error: Error: Invocation of command 'nhiDciMerge' failed.

OPEN SVC ZAPS FOR Z/OS 2.2 - IFG0201R at HDZ1C10 and IGGDAU01 at HDZ2220

DBNull Error in NFA "About" Page

Does WAAE collect and report any audit information?

EEM Reporting Utility Install - EEM Version Check Error

UIM-Spectrum Integration is producing an out of memory error

Can CA FileMaster for MVS, CA FileMaster for IMS and CA FileMaster for DB2 be installed under the same CA Chorus Software Manager SMP/E CSI environment?

What does message CA-7.947 - ERROR READING CHECKPOINT ID RECORD during CA7 Release 12.0 startup mean?

"DUPLICATE SNMPv3 ENGINE IDS DETECTED" alarm on firewall devices in Spectrum 10.0 version when IPv4 is mapped to IPv6 address.

Application error on amobjectmanager.exe during upgrade of ITCM Domain


How do I upgrade and convert from Endevor 3.9 to Endevor v16?

The image seems not to be prepared with a OSIM prepare job

What Are the Top-Secret Commands to secure Z/OSMF?

How to enable LDAP connection pooling over SSL to gain increased performance for Identity Manager.

UMP error: session already invalidated

vmware probe templates not applying

Using a CA Certificate with Tomcat and CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 on a Windows Server

Error codes for CA Authminder

Google OAuth integration failing with State data cookie does not exist error

Announcements don't appear in Unified Self-Service

Special characters in Task Name, Task Notes, and Charge Codes have entire entries removed from project when opening project with MS Project with New Driver or the project opens with an error.

How to install CA API Gateway & CA Live API Creator License

Error: E131015 when trying to access a job in WCC.

"SRM has not finished starting" due to duplicate column name 'device_model_h' in interfacemodel table

What encryption method does CA ACF2 use to store passwords and password phrases?

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