Reinitialize replication in a multi-node cluster

SiteMinder platform support matrix for all SiteMinder components

We notice some rows in the ujo_job table contain caret ( "^" ) symbol in certain columns. Is there any special meaning for the caret symbol or is it a data corruption?

How to find out the CA EEM user group who has the Administrator privileges to login to the CA iDash AdminTool, while using the SSO security and CA EEM Authorization?

Shrinking MySQL ibdata file

Troubleshooting Gateway application failures, performance concerns, and service outages

Managing the Gateway appliance privileged (root) account

Configuring and installing the audit record maintenance script

How to find z/OS Compatibility Matrix information for CA Mainframe Products?

Installing and using packet capture tools for the 8-series of the Layer 7 Gateway

Where can I find the new features PTFs for the v18 incremental?

Compatibility between versions of Single Sign-On products

How do I migrate my NFA server to Windows 2012R2?

I am preparing to implement z/OS 2.1 with ACF2 R15. IBM announced that BPX.DEFAULT.USER was being removed at this release. What do I need to do to setup my system so that I can remove the default UID and GID from the ACF2 GSO UNIXOPTS record?

What is required for ACF2 for setup of z/OSMF 2.1?

How to download CA Single Sign-On (formerly SiteMinder) components

Unable to start the Layer 7 Gateway: Error creating bean with name 'jmsBootProcess'


z/OSMF SERVER default security setup for z/OS 2.2: IZUSEC version 2016

CA API Management Gateway: Certificate-related errors in audits and logs

Binary Log Management Script

Cannot deploy agents using the Deployment Wizard if the CA Connection Broker service is running

CA Spectrum Event Storage Best Practices

CAUAJM_E_00051 Unable to create thread

Preventing the "Email address not specified" message in activity logs

Where can I find IBM z13 hardware compatibility information for my Solve and NetMaster products?

After running pdm_configure for Service Desk Manager, NX variables are missing from the NX.env.

How to Register for CA Support Online Access

How to secure the CA OPS/MVS OPSVIEW ISPF Interface?

'Custom Objects' Menu Section has been removed - new custom objects don't get automatically added to Menu

How to determine if a NetFlow enabled device is sending the correct fields and data using WireShark.

CA Service Desk Manager Performance Problems - Quick Checklist

What is the CA Datacom version 14.0 MUF Startup Option XCF_FROM group name, and how do I set up the MUF for XCF?

How To Convert a WCC 11.3.x DB to Oracle

Preparation for removal of Default OMVSUSR and OMVSGRP

ITAM 14.1 - Steps to reset uapmadmin password

Missing Robots and/or Robot metrics in Unified Service Manager (USM)

Requirements for Performance Management Certification Request

Latest Applyptf

Improving Performance for TCP/IP Transfers with CA XCOM for z/OS.

How to find z/OS 2.2 Compatibility information

Errors seen in the catalina.out/stdout.log file halting processing of events on Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) server

Working with CA Support To Troubleshoot a "Crashing" or "Hanging" CA Service Desk Manager Process

Clarity: SSO integration, XOG and Scheduler considerations

Enabling SSL/TLS transaction logging

Error SPC-NCM-20007 is received when doing a device configuration capture in NCM

NFA Custom Reports are getting stuck in Queued or Defined but not completing

How Do I Troubleshooting Missing Data

Spectrum Installation Requirements for Windows

How to configure the 11.3 "System Agent" (WA_AGENT) to act as the legacy "Remote Agent" (auto_remote) for sourcing job profiles.

CA Spectrum OneClick client has performance issues and the following shows in the tomcat log: waitForReadTasks timed out

Where can I find a list of the product codes corresponding to my CA products?

Unable to Start eHealth63 Service Error 1053 could not restart in a timely fashion in 6.3.2

enable catalog's TRACE ( or DEBUG ) level for diagnosing purpose

Steps to Install Options from the Options Manager in Advance Availability (AA) Setup in ServiceDesk R12.9 and R14.1

Live Reporting shows "you must install Java" error even though Java is installed (Legacy KB ID CNC TS30536 )

Some Jobs sent to DTS agents are failing with "job execution error, no access to software package library [SDM228471]"

New WAAE server validation fails in WCC Configuration tab

vmware probe - tips for troubleshooting some common vmware problems / alarms

SystemEDGE MIB Extension Configuration Example (with Scripts)

Troubleshooting Validation Errors of Autosys Server and Credential User within WCC 11.3

How to enable LDAP authentication in CABI 6.3 JasperServer Reports

hub and tunnel connection settings in 7.x

How to use Sapwalk2

Reset Missing or Forgotten EiamAdmin Password in EEM 12.x

How do I upgrade from Datacom/AD 10.0/11.0/12.0 to Datacom/AD 15.0?

What is the procedures to Enlarge Jobtrac 11.0 Databases?

Link to Download Agile Central Connectors.

CA Agile Central - Excel Plugin file containing username, password and saved queries

How do I set up ACF2 support for the keyrings and certificates needed for a typical SSL/TLS application---FTP?

What is in TSO command statistics? How do you control what users TSO Command Statistics are logged?

Adjusting logging levels in Identity Manager

Unable to run Prereq Validator

How can I find the Life Cycle information - GA Date, Version, End of Support (EOS) Date, etc. - for my CA Datacom products?

CAPC to NFA sync fails with the error "Flatten failed on Interface ---> MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: Timeout expired."

SLM Database : Best Practices, Indexing Strategy, and Maintenance

CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 Getting error: Connection failure in CC client.init return code 0x0008. Need TLS v1.2 support.

configue health monitoring agent

CA Workload Automation ESP Edition Subdelay Transmitter Busy condition.

How to uninstall a package from UIM Robot

How can I rename the column headings in Asset Portfolio Manager 12.9 Common Asset Viewer?

Implementing Password Phrase with ACF2

In CA Asset Portfolio Manager (APM), when selecting the asset viewer - owned information link, it errors with: TCPIP connection to the host failed.

How does CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) behave within a network.

Updated Endevor Upgrade and Conversion checklist

CCS CA Resource Initialization Manager(CAIRIM) PTF RO95587 - CA OPS/MVS Integration Service; Should I apply it?

Command Job Fails With Exit Code 2

How do I find out what release of Common Services I am running?

After upgrading to Spectrum 10.2.1 several issues with NCM capture

CSV export incompatibilities between Business Objects and JasperSoft

UMP - No metrics available displayed for many nodes

Why are Datacom/AD backup jobs getting some RCs 65(065) after upgrade to 14.0?

How do I use the RECKEY command to add a rule entry, $USERDATA, $PREFIX or $MEMBER to an existing rule?

Convert RACF Commands To CA Top Secret TSS Command For TN3280 TLS

How to automate the detection and recovery of CA Jobtrac Job Management Automatic Message Recognition (AMR) deactivation.

SiteMinder Log Gathering requirements for Support

Increase logging levels, file size and rollover for PAM logs

NFA 9.3.6 To CAPC Sync Failure: Column 'routerAddress' / 'r.ID' is ambiguous

CA PPM: Rate Matrix Extraction Job Performance

Error: The viewer could not process an event. Failed to open the connection ---- Error code:0 [CRWEB00000119]

CA Agile Central - Numeric value displays as 'NaN'

Managing user accounts on the CA API Gateway

CAUAJM_E_10029 Communication attempt with CA WAAE Application Server failed

CA Datacom 14.0 upgrade job BDUPG07 STEP9E DDPFI30001 FILE NAME NOT CODED

hub subscriber limits

How to configure the Schedule Backup for PAM with CIFS/NFS

What is the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) for the CA LPR product?

Implementing Single Sign On (SSO) using WAFFLE for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) using Tomcat Web Server

Loading the Master Catalog in CA SAM

Error: disallowed_useragent using Google Social Login

Importing intermediate and primary CA certificates into an existing certificate chain.

HSF0037W SAF Class SDSF not RACLISTed under ACF2

Sample front-end program for rebuilding user-owned indexed sets

Getting an OPS3092H ALLOCATION OF EXTERNAL DATA QUEUE FAILED message after upgrading to CA OPS/MVS 12.3

Getting an error when logging into the CA Service Management App : "Capabilities Analyst Queue, Catalog" are currently not available, or "Login to (Catalog) User authentication failed" How to fix this error ?

Tips on modifying the Employee interface allow Issue creation.

TSS6161E CA TSS CICS Initialization Incomplete RSN=11 after upgrading to CTS 5.3

Where can I find a list of RHDCOPTF optional bit settings for IDMS release 19.0, 18.5, 18.0?

Datamart Extraction job failing post upgrade

SHA-1 Certificates will no longer be supported with browsers after December 31, 2016. Will ACF2 still work OK?

Form Caching feature in ehcache.xml and its impact

How do you create a custom signatures to find software ?

How do I Configure a CAF plugin to run with a different account instead of the default Local System Account?

How do I clear the CAM queue?

How to send a CA Detector for DB2 for z/OS datastore to technical support if requested.

"Can not run uninstallation Cause: A Job Check is running Try again after the job has completed"

Utilizing the OPS/MVS USS component to send messages to a distributed machine via the use of the ADDRESS USS command.

Procedure for setting up EXTERNAL DATASET TRACKING/TRIGGERING with CA 7 Workload Automation.

Start up of CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers (CA 11) receives U11D-0230-C DATACOM CMD=OPEN TBL=CSD RC=02 (052)


How to setup TPX for Password Phrase in a RACF Environment ?

Workload Automation AE 11.3.x, the autorep commands are responding slow.

OPS/REXX programs apparently not getting invoked after upgrade to OPS/MVS 12.3 or higher. ADDRESS TSO "OI pgmname" gets RC=4.

Engine Instances are failing after rebooting the ITCM domain manager . Need to start every instance manually from command line .

How to upload and download files from CA Support by command line FTP

Upgrading CA SAM 4.2.x to PHP7

Custom HTTP Module unable to read the SiteMinder HTTP Headers

During a PXE startup you receive error PXE-E53: No boot filename received

Rebuild Deleted ACID?

Staging jobs going in a loop and failing.

Frequently asked questions and Technical details for the Remote System Monitoring (RSP) Probe.

Maintenance procedures to address EVT when TRACWARN message is issued once EVT0161 reaches 80% utilization.

FACSTOR(NO/YES) is a new Top Secret control option with release r16.0, how does it work?

DSA_E1990 Cannot register SNMP address

Server Error 10-0004

RC/Query: RC=088, RCODE=0156 OFS Internal error

Attempts to validate a new AE server in WCC fail with Error: E190099

RC Connection slow for Windows 10 machine

XCOMU0602E Unable to QUEUE: Cannot Create Data File or Queue is Full

How can you tell if you are close to maxing out the applfile by adding a large application in CA Workload Automation EE (ESP)?

Master catalog import fail when run using CA SAM Web interface.

Installation of SystemEdge fails and gives message Installation failed - lsm returned with exit code 7

Increasing the disk space available to a virtual appliance using Logical Volume Management (LVM) in API Gateway version 8.x and later

While trying to launch DSM explorer receive below error message, SME_TIMEOUTEXPIRED The specified Operation has expired. The timeout is usually a client supplied value. [CMM208908]

"CORBA request timed out after 60000ms, possible performance problem" errors seen in CA Spectrum Control Panel and VNM.OUT

CA UIM (Nimsoft) Database Best Practices for MS SQL Server

UMP USM portlet is stuck loading

Can I share the same SMP/E zones or CSI for both CA-ACF2 and CA-Top Secret?

Clarity: XOG OBS complete='true' flag fails to replace unit changes

How to verify if the CA SAM Catalog is current

What Are the Top-Secret Commands to secure Z/OSMF?

How to deploy CA PAM in AWS

Unable to login to CA Agile Central

How to configure LDAP in CA UIM (Nimsoft) hub to integrate with AD authentication

How to Switch from Non-SSL to SSL for CA Workload Control Center (WCC), r11.3


List of iGateway Error codes after failed installation of iGateway

How To Rebuild the Derby Database for Workload Control Center r11.3 SP1

Product deploy fails during archive creation using CA Chorus Software Manager when instantiating the Java Virtual Machine

Are there some PTFs for CA Common Services r14.1 and z/OS 2.3?

Enable Fault Isolation capablity for SDM/SDC managed devices

Unable to Import files from CA WCC ECLI tab

Some scenarios that require clearing the ActiveMQ persistence store.

What version of CA SystemEDGE supports Redhat 7.x?

NFA 9.3 - How to move from a Standalone system to a Distributed system

How Can I replace an expiring or expired user digital certificate signed by a local CA (Certificate Authority)

DIFFERENT TYPE MODEL alarms received under OneClick - Device Certification, after Distributed SpectroServer (DSS) upgrade on Spectrum 9.2

Updated version of AL7BKUP to avoid leaving the LOCKs in place.

The jobs going on "Waiting" status because there is an incompatible job running, do never pick up after the job that is "Processing" completes.

Using SSO with the CA Agile Central Excel add-in

Overview of CA Agile Central TFS Connectors

Endpoint Account already exists during Provisioning Role assignment, resulting in Provisioning Server reports LDAP error 70 (0x0046 - Results too large)

SiteMinder Error Codes

RACF Commands From IBM's FEKRACF Member And The CA Top Secret Equivalent Commands.

How to perform a DTS/SD cleanup?

How to prepare for Installation for CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1


Removing audit records from the Gateway database in a multi-node cluster without downtime

Reset Your Password

ADS extended custom attributes (schema.ext) not showing values

How to delete router and its interfaces through mysql commands

How to Run the CA Remote Engineer (CARE) diagnostics collection tool in CA Performance Management

Error "This platform is not supported do_exit_rc=15 when installing agents on UNIX based platforms that are not certified or that are covered under the Linux support statement.

Unsigned Entry Java Error in Live Exceptions After Java Upgrade Using Https on eHealth Server

How to Uninstall the Licensing program for CA XCOM for Linux.

USM Slow due high number of alarms history at the USM

Web agent unable to process SMSESSION

Upgrading CA EEM from CA Common Components (C3) media fails with "CA Directory installation failed" error on Windows server.

How to properly install CA Service Management 14.1 CP2 in an Advanced Availability Environment.

Administrator password reset

CA Chorus Software Manager (CA CSM) Support Announcement

CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) REST web services does not seem to validate the Status Transition changes like the normal CA SDM UI

How to suppress Abend-Aid dumps to capture a SYSMDUMP for problem diagnosis.

NetQoS Reaper service not starting

Error - 'Received SNMP error noResponse' 0 {} - - Microsoft server devices not being polled.


DSN9016I when trying to issue DB2 operator command at console

After installing java jre update 1.8.0_131 or higher, users can no longer launch the Spectrum OneClick client.

Required 10.2 and 10.2.1 patches for Spectrum/VNA integration

Defining IBM's Common Event Adapter (CEA) for z/OS 1.9 To CA Top Secret.

DTS failure: E (400) Failed to open output data error= [SDM228430]

CA Spectrum 10.2.1 Pingable type models alarm with false Contact Lost alarms. This includes UIM hosts and Access Point (AP) models.

What are the download and installation procedures for eHealth

Abend S378 in module CAILPAM

"AHD04043 The user name or password you entered is not correct" appears when a user tries to login the web interface.

Configuring the Java Agent on Apache Tomcat

VSE Performance Tuning Guidelines

Privileged Identity Manager (PIM) install_base sample installation on linux X64

Troubleshooting Certificates In Maileater

How can I find the Life Cycle information - GA Date, Version, End of Support (EOS) Date, etc. - for my CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager?

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error after installing CA Asset Portfolio Manager (UAPM\ITAM)

PRINT command gives message: IDADERRP51E - INTERR: OUTPUT LIB is full

Monitoring disk utilization of Gateway partitions via SNMP

How to trouble shoot data retention and Database growth

Computer Identification: Everything you need to know about the HostUUID and computer uniqueness in Client Automation.

enable catalog's EEM SDK logging level

List of Jaspersoft Commands in accordance with CA PPM Version

Unable to log in Service Desk with any user, a time out always occur

How to migrate CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) changes made in Web Screen Painter (WSP)

Error "CAUAJM_E_00224 The CAPKI library experienced an internal error and may not have initialized properly." when executing WAAE commands/CLIs

After upgrading to R14, we were getting really slow performance, caf pings are slow , campings are fast.

How do I cleanup SmartStor data?

CA UIM sqlserver probe is not sending alarms for the check_dbalive checkpoint.

Update a ticket through maileater without passing the ticket ID in the email body

Exporting Applications and Policies via EEM UI and Importing via Safex.

How can we get Windows 2016 is only supported for R14 SP1 version agents, so how do I get it to display in older versions of Client Automation ?

CAUAJM_E_18409 Unable to load Oracle client libraries

MySQL connection issue creating Ad Hoc reports using the JasperReports Server

Scaling Client Automation (ITCM): How to improve collect task and replication task performance by limiting the amount of hardware and software scans sent by agents.

How to prevent any SURROGAT access from undefined SURROGAT resources?

CA SAM + APM authentication configuration scenarios

CA Spectrum and CA Service Desk integration is no longer working since applied the CA Service Desk 14.1.03 patch

How to Truncate Status Message Tables for MS SQL Server

SoapUI encountered "policy limit exceeded" on try to attach document to request.

Jaspersoft Studio License Expired

Increase Java heap above 4G for CA Process Automation

How can I remove obsolete Ideal systems?

How to use the LCSF command in CA Workload Automation ESP Edition?

End of Service / GA Dates for the CA DB2 for z/OS database products.

Polling error for disk element causes whole poll to drop (Legacy KB ID CNC TS32384 )

Using Hibernate Object/Relational Persistence with CA IDMS

How to use FOOTPRINT=VERIFY when a member is not named the same as &C1ELEMENT.

Force rediscovery of all SNMP Profiles in RA

How to SNMPWalk2 a v3 device

Steps to Troubleshoot Tomcat issues

CLARITY: Enable Clarity to support both 'Secure' and 'http-only' session cookies.

Federation :: ADFS : Documentation

CNTLFILE on the Batch Automap Compare JCL.

Install ACF2 16.0 succeeded with warnings

NFA 9.3.6 Reboot Detection Fix

How to implement ACF2 rule for z/OS 2.2 IBM HTTP Server - Powered by Apache, version 9?

CA SAM cron jobs have no last or first run times

VANTAGE WINDOWS 10 compatibility

Audit trail shows blank page and form export fails

PAM casmadmin user unable to create ticket.

Windows Proxy configuration with a CA PAM cluster with multiple network interfaces

How can I get all of CA Datacom/DB published PTFs for z/OS when we do not have CA Chorus Mainframe Software Manager (CSM)?

Where can the mappings of CI Family to Visualizer Icons be changed, if they happen to be incorrect?

Common Services 7.0.34 Tomcat installation and Setup for CA OM Web Viewer for USS v12.0 or 12.1

How to generate source statements from some CA Datacom custom load modules?

How Virtual Terminals are determined by TPX.

How do I use non_NX_NTF attributes in a custom notification method

EiamAdmin account locked after SOI manager start

How To Export and Import EEM Policies (using the GUI)

CAICCI-SSL and External Security

Job environment creation failed. File(s) infected by virus. [SDM228460]

What is the DDSDCLM Verifier Transaction and what is its purpose?

CA Agile Central - Enable Milestone Filtered Custom Pages

The ALL Record and MODE

When trying to use CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Mobile Enabler to access Approvals/Analyst capability or trying to use CA Service Desk Manager's REST API, we get an HTTP error 404 Not Found

Registering the local agent on the Domain Manager or Scalability Server using 'caf setserveraddress localhost' fails

How do I remove/delete a robot?

How to reset discovery in CA UIM 8.10 or later

CA OPS/MVS: OPSLOG DIV VSAM datasets considerations while migrating to release r12.3 - Best Practice

DevTest Server: Whoa there. Big INBOUND message

WCC Quick Edit jobs not found in Quick View

Upgrading of agents using Software Delivery job fails on systems where short file names are disabled.

USS auto integration with SDM failed

CA Top Secret Implement 256-Bit AES Encryption

Service Desk fails to start on a system with multiple NICs

Top Secret r16.0 and Top Secret r15.0 Shared Security File

CA Datacom/AD Version 15.0 is packaged with Datacom 15.0 components up to CA RS 1601 level. For those not yet using CA Chorus Mainframe (CSM) obtain the additional maintenance from the "CA Datacom/CA Ideal/CA IPC Maintenance Grid for z/OS".

This document outlines how to troubleshoot Email notification problems in CA Service Desk

Does ServiceDesk add additional update agents for tables that are not specified by NX_VIRTDB_AGENT in NX.env file?

Agent error codes in SiteMinder Web Agent

Using a Service Desk Macro to launch an ITPAM process.

Policy Server :: Disable Flag : SmAuthReason

CA Business Service Insight Business Intelligence Layer (RDL) contains bad views.

How to automatically add additional agent parameters when running silent installations?

After restarting CA Service Desk, the Secondary server Tomcat engines stop responding and would give a message like: "AHD4409 pdmweb is unable to connect with the web engine".

How to set up CA TPX with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Advanced Authentication Mainframe (AAM) Support

Sqlldr.exe Crashes While Attempting to Install an Oracle 12c Based Repository with ca-tdm-db-installer.exe

Access to the Staff Member Properties page now requires a user to have the global access right "Project - View Management - All"

"Permission denied" error when starting the SpectroSERVER using the script

How to create a custom checkpoint for Oracle probe

Instal CA Vantage SRM Windows Client B871 plus apply Patch 3.

Re-validate probe via NAS Auto-Operation when FAILED due changes in the probe

MSP Assignment Units changes not Saving

Memory Leak after upgrade to 10.2.1

Service and SLA->Customer->Service Summary by Service Customer report include deleted/destroyed services

How to take an ILOM snapshot on an Oracle Sun Fire Server

API gateway: Optimizing for Large Files and Messages

Unable to upgrade the Gateway database because the goidToString function does not exist

Platform update fails to install with Layer7_UpdateTrustStore.L7P patch installed ('Liquibase' error reported)

UIM (NimsoftSLM) Database has Grown to an Unmanageble Size

REGEX: Part 1 - The Basics

Error messages in the Infrastructure Manager messages window

POODLE vulnerability: Disabling SSL v3 on the Nimsoft Hub

Nas alarm counts are not in sync between UMP USM and the Infrastructure Manager alarm subconsole

Can I create a super Package to deploy mutiple probes and configurations

qos_processor_qos_message queue becomes very large

How does the clariion probe collect Storage Capacity metrics?

Devices not modeling while auto-discovery

When trying to use a browser against IIS based 14.1.03 Xflow URL, I get redirected to Service Desk's CGI URL. Is this expected? If not, how to fix it?

The client wants to remove CA Optimizer from a common SMP/E environment that has other CA products installed in.

Catalyst Container not starting any of the Connectors installed in this Container

adminconsoleapp archive error when attempting to download probes from the Web Archive

What causes the "RW:VLAT:PAT:MTH:" messages to appear within the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) STDLOGs?

Error “Two or more of the Spectrum catalogs in the DSS are in conflict”

Reports page not present or accessible in CA Performance Center

DBMaint not running automatically as if should be default.

Integration between Spectrum and Service Desk stops working sometimes

*** SEVERE ERROR *** Unable to load _CaUser.

General Steps to Perform a CA PPM upgrade to 15.1

What does the following message, seen in out stdlogs mean? slump_nxd 5916 ERROR server.c 5335 Purging broadcast message 154616 after 121 seconds although it is still unacknowleded by the 1 nodes SDMSERVER2

Error: "An internal error occurred while trying to authenticate the user." after configuring JasperSoft with LDAP authentication

DE Server ends unexpected during startup.

How to address "Delayed Server Response Message" in Service Desk web interface.

Need the URL path to login into CA-CSM

DA does not sync SNMP profiles with PC

What information do we need to implement Phase II of SSO (Single Sign-On)

How to stop email messages in the stdlog, of the forms “No notification method” or “Email address is not set.”

IPCaching question

Is JES(NOVERIFY) supported under CA Top Secret r16?

'CDownloadFile', Error:AHD04012:Security id () not found or has expired

How do you remove a DC from the DA?

Does 12.1 Web Viewer support using SQL Server 2012, SP3 ?

How to code SSIS package job thru CA Workload Automation ESP Edition?

CA PPM Load Data warehouse Job Fails with error "ppmjasperadmin" not found

Upgrade of a 11.4 SP3 WCC server with no known errors in the install log results in the CA-wcc-service not staying started.

After upgrade to 10.5.x both MOM & Collector logs contain "SEVERE: Could not synchronize database state with session org.hibernate.StaleObjectStateException: Row was updated or deleted by another transaction (or unsaved-value mapping was incorrect)"

After enabling the webConcurrentTotalLicenseCt KPI within CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) 12.9, a query using kpi_id=8832 does not return any values.

Of SSL, Java and DevTest

How to add or change a site id to your CSM installation

How to properly restart the CA Performance Management environment

ETPKI Handshake Error in Selang

Why do we see errors: "CAUAJM_W_10559 Unable to set groups: Success" and "CAUAJM_E_10106 Failed to determine currently logged in user."

download zip file show "Zip file corrupt. Possible cause: file transfer error"

How to clear the niscache

How to connect to eHealth Oracle database using SQLplus command

Can I use the CA Datacom/AD or /DB loadlib from version 14.0 for my version 12.0 SVC in CAS9?

When adding a custom field to the Mobile Attributes and attempting to create a ticket, an error is logged on the server and the field cannot be populated.

LDAPPingTimeout Explained

How to hide the "Request/Incident" string from the Trouble Ticket ID field in Alarms tab

Garbled character is set to the generated ticket by pdm_text_cmd

Parameterized lookup does not work in Create layout view when display type is set to "Pull Down"

How can the USS HFS znd zFS file systems be protected with ACF2?

Multiple CA Fast Load jobs fail with -911 on PTG700T2 PFL0413E

RIB timeout error when running Reports in CA Performance Center

What are the possible handshake errors in policy server?

Using CAMODID command to display maintenance information about your load module

How to create a new security certificate for AE

Insufficient Memory / Space problems using COBOL 5.x or 6.x

How to display Agent version in a column of the list of computer in DSM Explorer ?

Trying to display an element I get the message - element not found. I can see it in a list display but cannot get to the file.

DOCUMENT_NOT_FOUND Errors in catalina.out for google.xml

How to rename CA Datacom database files

Data Collectors Not Connecting to the Data Aggregator

INCLUDE column(s) are missing in DDL of an index.

Governor Limits in CA PPM

How to log Client Certificate Common Name

Migrator Error in NFA after 9.3.1 Harvester Install because of hidden G Registry folder directory

Changing the Database LAST RUN DATE/TIME of a job using the LRDATE and LRTIME keyword(s) of the NXTCYC command.

How to enable Debug in Agent

JDK installation is failed by install_PRK.exe

In the MSP New Driver, As Of date is deleted in PPM when the project is saved back to PPM

Agent won't start after upgrading Java

How to enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Filter Settings in CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)

CA Asset Portfolio Manager event service errors with the following message: The maximum nametable character count quota (16384) has been exceeded

The CA Workload Automation AE SDK cannot be installed

User gets log-in page with error "CMN-01016: Your session has expired" if user modify the List Column Layout of a multi dimensional grid portlet.

Why does message “XCOMN0287E Error setting remote user id” appear?

Instructions to increase the LXX area

Tmsinit abend u0006

Why are programs IGZCPAC and IGZXLPKA shown in the CA InterTest for CICS Monitoring Table?

Support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 on CA Access Gateway (formerly CA Secure Proxy Server)

GSVX205E Load failed, reason 29, sub system not initialized

Clicking the Dashboard link on the Project List Page throws error 501

ERROR - Failed to add new alarm title record. Data truncation: Data too long for column 'title' at row 1

CA Top Secret After IPL RESOLVER receives ABEND=SEC6 U0000 REASON=0F01C008

Upgrade to PPM 14.4 fails on MSSQL 2012 SP3 and higher as an unsupported version

Top Secret Requirements for IBM apar OA46280 IWM4HLTH Security

TIM shows SSL decode failures for TLS 1.x packets which use extension "Extended Master Secret" & TIM log contains message “Block size greater than Plaintext!"

The CA Software Asset Manager refresh effective demand calculation fails with a SQL Server error: Cannot insert the value NULL into column org_level_2_id, table dbo.inv_effective column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.

The Provisioning Installer Shows the "Repair" or "Upgrade" mode

Disaster Recovery

Configuring & Troubleshooting the IIB10 Field Pack.

autosys error code 20007

CA Scheduler Job Management JCL to increase Data and Index areas

USM WebView ERROR (WI0001)

Tips and Techniques for Managing Endevor Elibs

Getting "XCOMN0287E ERROR SETTING REMOTE USERID" when transferring from CA XCOM AS/400 i5/OS to Windows. Why?

Global Type Sequencing; how to read the Endevor Action Summary Report.

Where can the record layouts(DSECTS) for the different SMF records that ACF2 creates be located?

How do I change from Internal to External Security for CA Roscoe?

I am getting the following message frequently when trying to open DSM Explorer: The AM Manager does not respond. Please check if the AM Manager is running.


How do I Configure Client Automation to use the Correct IP Address on a Server with multiple Network Adapters?

How do you stop, start, or recycle the Unicenter Asset Portfolio Management (UAPM) Cache Service and/or IIS

How to register or redirect the scalability server to new domain manager?

Slot Pool Usage Information

Will running knowledge re-index utility pdm_k_reindex found error "The program was not successful due to a critical error", what to do?

TMA-0111 timesheet error when adding tasks or saving timesheet

Message "XCOMN0287E ERROR SETTING REMOTE USERID" when no userid is specified in SYSIN01

VIDEO: How to copy a Private Inquiry to a Shared Inquiry Catalog?

CA Jobtrac Job Management-AMR not working and the IEAVMXIT exit is active.

How to DEFRAG the CA Jobtrac Job Management Index (IXX) data set after DELETE HISTORY?

How do you delete or update old procedures and extracts with the share option set to N or Y from a different owner?

How is the Net Present Value (NPV) being calculated? (Version 8.x-12.1)

Video: Can Plan Analyzer explain a single SQL statement?

System Agent could not start reporting Corrupted objects.

Clarity: Project Team Detail page, 'More >>' sub-menu options - Assignment Roles, Estimate from Allocation

Does CA Recommend Using the LinkList for CA Datacom Libraries?

How to correctly send the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS CDBALOAD load library which is a PDSE data set to technical support.

Requirements for a Multi-Node Architecture

Getting message XCOMN0523E CA LICENSE CHECK FAILED: XCOM not licensed with CA XCOM for Windows

CAUAJM_E_60246 Error authenticating the administrative user account "EiamAdmin":EiamAdmin [EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication Failed] [Authenticate Error: Authentication Failed]

What to do when java heap errors appear in the OneClick server stdout.log or catalina.out log file.

Clarity has a vulnerability to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Attacks

The "ldap_dn" has changed for users in LDAP. How do I get the same to be reflected in Service Desk?

When processing SOLVE:Operations r11.9 PTFs, should PTFs belonging to FMID CC2D71D always be received and applied as well?

ICH408I "Resource Not Defined" message.

Examples on how to check the data integrity in CA Service Desk Manager database

IAM JCS Web Console - Login Failure

IP Addresses do not resolve to current DNS name: 2038 Error

How to clear Provisioning Server notification queue (inbound synchronization)

Fast Channel connections fail at startup of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)

What needs to be done if you don't want the local Administrators group to have full access in ITCM?

There are too many old session maps/defect partitions and APM is not removing them. What should be done to resolve this?

How to install CA license to CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries) R11.3?

Bad Polls Vs. All Errors

How to change the encrypted database password in file $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV

How to install CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 3.3 SP2 (also referred to as Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) 3.1 SP7) to an existing CABI r3 SP6 (CABI 3.3 SP1) install?

Best Practice when doing Changes to NX.ENV: using the 'pdm_options_mgr' command

Error messages “No Associated Text” and "….no event format file exists.” seen in the NOTIFIER.OUT

Updated CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) 12.x (12.6, 12.7 and 12.9) procedure to enable MS SQL Server Merge Replication for CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Offline Reporting

How to verify Service Desk Manager r14.1 Cumulative #3 patch has been applied?

Discovery queue is not draining - error in discovery logs mentions duplicate key in CM_NIMBUS_PACKAGE

How to change alarm severity using a NAS script

How do I know if ACF2 is sending secondary authids to DB2 during the signon?

When UIM service in Primary HUB Robot is restarted, we saw alarms from maintenance mode device.

' --> ' changes to ' --> ' inside a text field in CA PPM

Which Multi-Factor-Authentication product does CSM support?

Disabling SSL configurations in CA Performance Manager

Dashboard_engine database connection error.

Previously working requests are now stuck in a submitted status

SYSTEM Column Truncated by Missing PK46OPTN Parameter.

After upgrade to TPX 5.3, cannot logon to TSO or CICS.

How to check whether AutoSys is running in Single node or HA/Dual mode using a command?

Clarity 12.1.3 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

Clarity 13.0.1 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

I try to connect from CA Web Administrator for ACF2 to CA LDAP Server using an SSL connection and I see error message TLS: can't accept: SSL message format is incorrect - what have I done wrong?

How to purge or reduce the size of a Postgresql APM database and optimize CEM data retention

The Service Desk Maileater stops processing mail and the stdlog shows that the EXPUNGE command is failing.

Creation of a Linux OSIM image fails with error: Command execution failed with exit code: -1 [OSG001106]

From within CA Asset Portfolio Management, when clicking on the Asset Viewer Owned information link, it errors with: http 404 file or directory not found

AutoSys and Database Connections (DB_CONNECTIONS)

How to configure CSAMPMUX (CA Connection Broker Service) on a Scalability Server with Unix Agents using port 4105 TCP for CAM communication?

CAUAJM_E_85100 DBmaint Connection Failure

CA Agile Central - Add Peer Inline option is grayed out

After applying any CA Asset Portfolio Management prerequisite, cumulative or test fix patch, the patch level is not displayed under Control Panel -> View installed updates

Options stuck in "In Progress" in options manager.

What happens if ITCM Application Server's IP Address gets changed, can it effect the overall communication of the Product components ?

Failed to Generate Reports through CLI Commands

Error: CAUAJM_E_10436 after the EEM HA failover. WAAE CLIs does not work.

Knowledge Documents do not purge when I run the Archive / Purge rule that I have setup

Element Variable reports list /deltaTime in calculations when not appropriate on gauges.

How IDMS handles Chinese/Kanji characters on the mainframe?

Autotrack information purged

During iXp startup, the database connection times out while there is no problem to access the database with sqlplus

How to configure Jasper Studio for editing existing reports and creating new reports for CA Service Desk Manager data on Jasper Server.

What performance information does the pdm_vdbinfo command give me, and how can I interpret the output?

CA Spectrum "Failed to connect to CORBA Naming Service" error after reboot and the nameserv process does not start.

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005 Redistributable is not installed

Why do I have CAMASTER abends after IPL on z/OS 2.2 lpars?

CPU, Disk and Memory probe (cdm) Technical Brief

What queries are used by the CA UIM sqlserver probe?

UMP web portal (session) timeout

How to take an XCOM trace for CA XCOM Data Transport for Windows

USS not showing or creating SDM Incident Tickets

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