SiteMinder platform support matrix for all SiteMinder components

Reinitialize replication in a multi-node cluster

How to download CA Single Sign-On (formerly SiteMinder) components

Unable to login to CA Agile Central

Apache Struts 2 vulnerability CVE-2017-5638 and CA Secure Proxy/Access Gateway

Apache Struts 2 vulnerability CVE-2017-5638 and SSO Agent for Sharepoint

SSO API method setAgentConfigProperties not working.

Perl CLI method to manage federation partnerships

Need EOS dates for SiteMinder 6.x, 12.0, 12.5, and 12.52.

Mappings for LDAP error code and SMSUTHREASON?

How to configure 5.x Agent connection in API?

Why am I getting Database Import Errors, when Importing DBD's into the Telon Design Facility?

Bind a response to a rule using the API?

Identity Mappings Using the Perl API

CR for relative target issue

Unable to delete "incomplete" federation domain

SSO is breaking from R12.52 and R12.0.



limit on number of terminals defined to VTAM line

Identity Mapping and Federation

Problem Exporting very large reports with CA Output Management Web View 11.5

Federation Security Services compatibility

Set Global Response & Enable Global Policies Apply

Enabling "Global Policies Apply" on a Domain using Siteminder Java SDK

How to enable Oracle datafile auto extend capability?

Getting "Kibana is currently unavailable" error when trying to access Data Studio in CA App Experience Analytic

LLAWP will not load

PIM Endpoint uninstall problem before RO94112

about Advanced Policy Management update working log

Privileged Identity Manager can not start in SLES 11 SP4 on z/VM 6.4(s390x)

Urgency field is not updated by maileater when using a specific valid value

Cross dependency not working

How to setup a login form on the CA Access Gateway ?

Jboss agent : Class not found exception during authorization (RoleMapper)

Security File Migration to CA Top Secret r16.0 From A r14.0 Formatted Security File.

compress record using Unload-Reload

CA DB2 tools for z/OS Post Install Create Required DB2 Objects job, ssid0001, goes into wait condition during REBUILD INDEX execution.


Agent showing inactive

Keep Connection Open functionality in JDBC step

Use Connection Pool Functionality in JDBC Step

Which parameters to check when the interface from CA SYSVIEW for DB2 to Xmanager/Detector collections is not working correctly?

Attaching a file to an incident fails. The associated message in the stdlog is: "Attribute 'upload_path' is empty for usp_servers (id=1001)". Consider entering a value via Web UI servers form."

How to generate source statements from some CA Datacom custom load modules?

What Are The General Setup Instructions When Defining An Application To CA Top Secret?

Slow startup in Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) on Spectrum 10.2

How to create a CA PDSMAN rule using protection against the Delete member and using the multi member Version?

How to manage PDSM021-27 Messages that can fill the CA PDSMAN 7.7 logging file ?

Why is RECORD-LENGTH always the length of the first segment read?

How to resolve "IDC3028I DATA SET IN USE" problem

Default CA Service Management URL and Logins

When using CA File Master plus how can you change the CLASS parameter in a JOB card only - without changing MSGCLASS.

What does the changer of ACF2 mean in the ACFRPTLL report?

How do I download all of the PTFs for CA Datacom 15.0 from CA Support Online?

UPDATE PRODUCT RELEASE fails with Exception occurred while saving package into USS file system.

How do I install 'CA 1 Tape Management - MVS - 14.0' using CA CSM?

How to ADD EXTERNAL PACKAGE for product installation

What are the possible reasons for the "B204 SQL error - NO ROWS FOUND IN THE CATALOG FOR THE GIVEN OBJECT"?

How can we implement Cleanup for ACF2 to prevent the deletion of rule entries with no access(PREVENT)?

How can I resolve an S806 abend for PANMODI module when running in compatibility mode under CA Easytrieve release 11.x?

How can a SSL certificate from a distributed environment be used to login to mainframe? Is their any encryption card or any hardware required?

pdm_ldap_import errors out with "Method got_record in Ldap_Group_Catcher failed (LDAP agent not found)".

Can I use the IDCAMS repro command to back up the CA Intertest PROTSYM file?

Where can I get information on the Telon Field edit DB2DATE?

What is required for ACF2 for setup of z/OSMF 2.1?

How to find z/OS 2.2 Compatibility information

How Do I Troubleshooting Missing Data

Clarity: Scheduled jobs stuck in waiting or scheduled status

hub and tunnel connection settings in 7.x

CA API Management Gateway: Certificate-related errors in audits and logs

Troubleshooting Gateway application failures, performance concerns, and service outages

Latest Applyptf

NFA Custom Reports are getting stuck in Queued or Defined but not completing

Preparation for removal of Default OMVSUSR and OMVSGRP

Shrinking MySQL ibdata file

How to Move the MDB From a Local to a Remote Instance of SQL

Primary SpectroSERVER crashes in a Fault Tolerant environment after Spectrum upgrade from 10.1.1 to 10.02.00

What are the download and installation procedures for eHealth

Does maileater support HTML Emails?

Web Services Best Practices for CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)

CA UIM (Nimsoft) Database Best Practices for MS SQL Server

Reset Your Password

How do I upgrade from Datacom/AD 10.0/11.0/12.0 to Datacom/AD 15.0?

Where can I find my old cases in CA Support Online?

UMP - No metrics available displayed for many nodes

After deploying the CABI probe to a robot we are getting the following error for the Probe 'cabi' : (command = ) returns no-restart code (42)

How can I locate my active LMP keys for CA-1?

Configuring and installing the audit record maintenance script


How to upgrade CA ENF to Datacom/AD 15.0

LDAP Troubleshooting Basics

Tags that can be used with Maileater

How to resolve QBE.EQ.REF_NUM Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability with CA Service Desk Manager 12.9/14.1 URL?

Cannot browse for unit for the Project Department OBS field

CA Chorus Software Manager start fails with S0C4 after new maintenance was deployed

How to prepare for Installation for CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1

Router is not displaying on NFA console even though flow is received on harvester.

CA DRAS server is not available for security check

What is the detailed process for taking a product CD and creating a patched master image?

How to use the CAZIPXP utility to unzip your .CAZ file

How to find z/OS 2.2 Compatibility information

How to check end of service announcement on

How to Truncate Status Message Tables for Oracle Database

How set up Single Sign-On with HTTPS for CA ADA, NFA and UCM

After enabling JasperReports 6.3 integration - spectrum reports and folders are missing

Updated Endevor Upgrade and Conversion checklist

Managing user accounts on the CA API Gateway

Hub cannot communicate with Nimsoft Robot

Connecting Maileater to Office 365 Mail

I've just upgraded my Panvalet software to release 14.6. Now I need to apply any maintenance that has been issued since the base release. Is there a cumulative group of PTFs available for download?

The RTM_Inventory model (for Service Performance Manager - SPM) taking hours to activate in CA Spectrum.

Setting up TPX in a SYSPLEX as a Generic Resource

How to install or upgrade an Agent or Scalability Server using Deploywrapper (Deploywrapper.exe)?

How to reset discovery in CA UIM 8.10 or later

What ports need to be open in UIM?

Video: How to install DSSP on Windows 2012

How to determine if a NetFlow enabled device is sending the correct fields and data using WireShark.

How to clear niscache on an individual robot

How to upgrade Apache Tomcat web server used with CABI JasperSoft

Where can I download CA Vantage SRM r14.0?

How to configure LDAP in CA UIM (Nimsoft) hub to integrate with AD authentication

BSTXCOPY results in error message C1G0700I

Juniper routers chassis reconfiguration (reconfiguring) causing SpectroSERVER cpu problems and duplicate chassis modules in CA Spectrum 10.1.x and 10.2

Digital Certificate Setup for TCPIP With A 3rd Party Certificate Authority

Removing devices using the probe utility in UIM 8.2 and later

How to properly restart the CA Performance Management environment

CAPM Web Sizing Tool

GMU Tool : Basic migrateOut and migrateIn Examples

How to configure cdm to ignore specific filesystems, filesystem types or devices

Configuring and Installing the Binary Log ("Binlog") Management Script on the CA API Gateway appliance

How to Download Test Data Manager

How to download IDMS release 19.0 Incremental Releases 1 (INC01) and 2 (INC02)?

Managing the Gateway appliance privileged (root) account

How to set up TPX to work with Pass Tickets in ACF2

How to enable LDAP authentication in CABI 6.1 JasperServer Reports

CA Client Automation Software Delivery cleanup procedure

Convert a single Gateway database node into a clustered Gateway database pair

How To Configure SSL for Tomcat With Unified Self Service (USS)

Install robot on Linux

FTP Server Authentication - Mainframe to PC

What is my upgrade path to the latest version 8.5.1

How do I upgrade to the latest version of CA Client Automation ?

Notifications Are Not Being Sent In Service Desk

When attempting to view a Status Report in the new UX, Receive Error "API-1005 : Attribute(s) 'pdfFile'.." or "Could not load project status report"

User Name Conflict

Tech Tip NFA: How to identify and fix an interface who's interface mappings are not in sync.

How to submit an ideation request?

Using program SASSXTRK to extract records from the CA 7 log data

MQ WebSphere SSL Setup - Signed

New CABI component is not working on new install

How to Truncate Status Message Tables for MS SQL Server

At IPL, CAMASTER abends with a S0C4 in module CASRVSYM or CAMCRCVY and produces the CAS9125E error message.

How to perform a DTS/SD cleanup?

ENF high average frame count and CPU usage

How to configure email on CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) using the TLS option, when you get the following errors: Error (15) Failed to find the CA certificate / Error (13) Certificate name does not match?

Error: E131015 when trying to access a job in WCC.

CAUAJM_E_00200 Encryption/Decryption Failed. Module: etpki_crypto, Error: crypt/encrypt failure, Possible Cause: Key Mismatch

How to perform a software delivery cleanup using WinOffline.

How can I correct various problems with my Scalability Server? The Engine Collect jobs for this server are also failing

Importing intermediate and primary CA certificates into an existing certificate chain.

How to configure SDM with SSL when using IIS with SSL?

TELNET Signed Certificate Setup with CA TOP SECRET as the Certificate Authority

How to download CABI 4.1 SP5

Overview of Documentation needed to troubleshoot problems with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1

CA Top Secret for z/OS Our current encryption algorithm is SHA1 which is working fine. Can you please check and let me know if the tomcat shipped with CMGR support SHA2 encryption type?

vmware probe - tips for troubleshooting some common vmware problems / alarms

Tomcat error "Address already in use: JVM_Bind"

Jaspersoft Reports Server License Expired after installation

Configuring & Troubleshooting the IIB10 Field Pack.

SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval shared and non-shared certificates

CA Service Desk Manager Performance Problems - Quick Checklist

Is JES(NOVERIFY) supported under CA Top Secret r16?

Scaling Client Automation: How to improve Collect Task and Replication Task Performance by Limiting the amount of Hardware and Software scans sent by Agents.

Is Apache Struts 2 Web App Framework integrated with CA Web Viewer or Apache Tomcat?

CA Top Secret r16.0 support for CICS TS 3.2

How to automatically fix missing metrics in USM

How do I delete decomissioned robots information from database.

PAM applets are not responding after PAM 2.8.1 upgrade

10.2 SS crash or hang in NCM code

CA Chorus Software Manager (CSM) may possibly encounter problems when downloading or updating CA Sysview Performance Manager MVS.

Top Secret r16.0 and Top Secret r15.0 Shared Security File

What are the possible handshake errors in policy server?

Requirements for Performance Management Certification Request

AWGA 10.2.1 - Spectrum vulnerability CVE-2017-5638

error upon trying to open the controller

CA API Management Product Suite - End of Service

Large Number Of Sockets In Close_Wait State

How to download PDSMAN PTFs since the PTF Bucket is no longer maintained.

How to collect Vertica Scrutinize data for problem analysis

I am preparing to implement z/OS 2.1 with ACF2 R15. IBM announced that BPX.DEFAULT.USER was being removed at this release. What do I need to do to setup my system so that I can remove the default UID and GID from the ACF2 GSO UNIXOPTS record?

How to Download Agile Requirements Designer

SRM startup error - Error occurred while applying schema change Name: 1067 Errorcode: 1050

'Upgrade the CA API Gateway database' Menu shows 'Database upgrade not required' after 9.2 upgrade.

Error (15) Failed to find the CA certificate

What Queries (updated ) are used by the sqlserver Probe?

How to install the CA-Panvalet interface for External Security with CA-ACF2

How to Clean Niscache Folder on All Active Robots

Installing CA Process Automation version 4.2

How do I change the MySql tmp directory in NFA to a different directory?

CAUAJM_E_00051 Unable to create thread! [4038fd40][241167]:Resource temporarily unavailable

Unable to create new tasks in PPM

The Timeslicing Job Fails With Exception: [CA Clarity][Oracle JDBC Driver]Object has been closed.

After applying update to UMP 8.4 SP1 or SP2 attempting to access UMP produces HTTP 404 error

What is ODBC_BLOCKSIZE variable used for and how to configure it?

Solution and Patches for CA Strong Authentication

How to debug ENQ (ENQUEUE) lockout Problems With the TMC/Audit

Steps to implement a IBM TS7700 tape library for the communication between z/VSE and the robot.

Minimum required NetFlow fields

Where is the documentation for CA Endevor V18?

CAUAJM_E_10527 Timed out waiting for response returned by autorep on Linux RedHat 7.2

Trying to download Eclipse Plugin for Harvest SCM 12.6, but it doesn't appear anymore, where could I find it ?

How to configure Introscope Agent 10.x for Tomcat 7 on Unix

CAUAJM_E_00051 Unable to create thread

USM error: com.firehunter.ump.exceptions.DataFactoryException : null

SDSF External Security with CA-ACF2

How To Regenerate EEM Certificates for CA Workload Automation AE and CA Workload Control Center

How to move from Derby to MS-SQL database for CA Workload Control Center (CA WCC)

Best Practice for upgrade CA Workload Automation ESP Edition

I am upgrading Sysview release 14.1 and Common Services release 14.1, When I IPL the z/OS system, CAMASTER abends with a S0C4 (Protection exception) during the IPL of the z/OS system:

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error after installing CA Asset Portfolio Manager (APM) 12.9

How to reset MCS monitoring

Smart Instrumentation cross-process automatic trace affects Application Operations

How to find the correct CAM fragment size in your environment and re-configure CAM to use that value?

In CA Service Desk Manager, when clicking on Visualizer button from the CI detail page, I see the error "Error: Authentication failed for the user. Please try again. If problem persists, please contact administrator"

Datacom/AD 15.0 Active upgrade install question - job AXACTUPG

Nimsoft Monitor Licensing Issues and Answers

SNMPv3 INFORMS do not work with CA Spectrum


How do I implement Endevor Global Type Sequencing?

Using MS Office 365 with SDM Maileater functionality.

Troubleshooting Certificates In Maileater

Access Denied to autosys_secure

Single Sign-On (SSO)

After an Endevor upgrade, processor execution fails with allocation of certain temporary datasets

vmware probe failing (popup error: conf_vmware has stopped working)

New CA Endevor BSTXCOPY Utility to convert from PDS to PDSe

My NFA Harvester Server is running out of Disk space.

CA Workload Control Center Error: E131013 Job not collected in WCC.

CA Performance Center (CAPC) Spectrum Integration Discovery functionality details

CABI is temporarily unavailable

GSVX205E Nucleus load failed

How to submit a device certification request for CA Spectrum (Legacy KB ID TEC517523)

CA ITCM Upgrade Failing.

Running pdm_load as stated on the CA Service Management 14.0.2 Post Installation steps fails and the Scoreboard of CA Service Desk Manager shows an Error

SiteMinder Installation and How To Integrate in CA SSO Cookbook

data_engine and queue management tips

After installation of CABI 6.1 JasperServer Reports a license check fails

Unable to start harvester. Starting harvester service fails with 1067 error.

The Host Configuration tab for NCM is grayed out or Different Type Model alarms show in the CA Spectrum OneClick gui.

Why and how to use REPORT work files

How to remove or delete a Data-Import job

Questions on subsystem setup and how CAISEC00 is involved?

How can I get all of CA Datacom/AD Version 15.0 published PTFs for z/OS when we do not have CA Chorus Mainframe Software Manager (CSM)?

How can we get Windows 2016 is only supported for R14 SP1 version agents, so how do I get it to display in older versions of Client Automation ?

Is APM Affected by the Apache Struts 2 CVE-2017-5638 vulnerability?

CA WA ESP History Report job gets error message "ESP991E ERROR OCCURRED DURING SORT"

Where do I find CA Single Sign On (SiteMinder) Downloads?


hub subscriber limits

CA Datacom/AD Version 15.0 Active Upgrade was successful but any subsequent attempt to access my CA product's data results in DB01410E - DATA SET NAME WRONG CXXNAME

How to Repair Broken Pointers

How do you run the ACFRPTXR-The Cross-Reference Report in batch? Is there sample JCL?

How do I replace an expired digital certificate in CA Top Secret for z/OS? - Using the REKEY and ROLLOVER commands

How to reset the password of CASMAdmin for Unified Self-Service

How to Rebuild the Derby Database for the CA Workload Control Center, r11.3.5 and higher for Solaris and Linux?

Installing and using packet capture tools for the 8-series of the Layer 7 Gateway

How to automatically fix missing USM robots due to cloning

HSF0037W SAF Class SDSF not RACLISTed under ACF2

What is the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) for the CA LPD Report Convergence?


Agent 10.1 fails to connect to the Enterprise Manager

How to get more information if CA Access Gateway (SPS) is failing SSL connection with back end ?

How to configure Wake-on-LAN Configuration and Implementation

Debugging Service Desk Web Services API issues

How to check the usage of CA Workload Automation ESP files and how to increase their SIZE?

GSV2328E (MAIN) Read SCFGLIB member GSVXGSVX failed. Dsn allocation failed GSVX205E (MAIN) Nucleus load failed, reason 23 read failed for system configuration GSVX572E (MAIN) MAIN task initialization failed

How to import LDAP users into Unified Self Service (USS)/Open Space without using Common Administrative Services

How to unlink a Domain Manager and Enterprise Server via SQL queries if doing so through the DSm Explorer fails.

How to Turn on Tracing on the EEM Server for the Components the Ipoz.log and the Igateway.log Files.

Error "IO exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection" occurs when configuring CA Service Desk Manager (SDM).

Unable to login to xFlow due to userAccountControl error with LDAP integration

EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication FailedISP_ERROR_NOGATEWAY igateway not running

Explanation of cserver stats command

Common Maileater SSL/TLS Questions

Unable to login to WCC

IM cannot connect to archive: No valid internet connection to ''. Cannot download probes.

Endevor Web Service fails to start with rc=12

Why does C1DEFLTS macro fails with assemble error with rc=12 when assembled under V18.0 ?

SRM Not Starting - Error Caused by: MySQLSyntaxErrorException : Duplicate column name 'isClusterEntity'

Duplicate device entries exist for the same device in the UMP USM portlet.

When drilling down to NFA from CAPC 3.0 I am redirected to the login page instead of bypassing the login.

How to clear and recreate the NH_TEMP01 datafile.

Job Container Build Failed

ITAMClient.log displays error FATAL CA.Common.Web - Error initializing EEM eiam.config. Inaccessible logs Security

Uploading API Gateway patch fails due to "Could not write attachments".

How do I get my hub to see a robot through Network Address Translation (NAT)?

Is Multi server UR possible similar to Multi server UMP?

I have found CAF service not running and trying to start it manually shows "The connection with the caf service was broken unexpectedly" and "The caf service may have died"

CA-wcc Service Not Starting

CAUAJM_E_10029 Communication attempt with CA WAAE Application Server failed

CA Service Desk Manager Upgrade Assessment Utility may crash on a Windows Server when selecting MS SQL as the MDB Database Vendor

How do I increase the logging level in the Service Desk stdlog?

The Admin password needs resetting, login is locked, or Invalid User or Password

eHealth service fails to start due to a logon failure

What are the Regional Settings Required for ADA, NFA, UCM, NPC, and Netvoyant?

Using PPM Action Trace

Anti-Virus recommendations for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM)

Introscope Enterprise Manager fails to start with the message: Error activating bean: com.wily.introscope.server.beans.apm.ApmServiceBean

How to enable a wildcard certificate in UMP

MONS-002 error when trying to open probe configurations across a tunnel when using an Account Contact user

How to recreate the WCC Schema objects for Oracle

Best practices to upgrade WCC from 11.3.5 to 11.4 SP1

Spectrum Archive Manager fails to start with no user model error

A guide to troubleshooting maileater issues, with a primer on extended logging.

How can I get all of CA Datacom/DB published PTFs for z/OS when we do not have CA Chorus Mainframe Software Manager (CSM)?

JasperSoft (CABI 6.1) / Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) 10.1.1 Integration Issue

Platform update fails to install with Layer7_UpdateTrustStore.L7P patch installed ('Liquibase' error reported)

REGEX: Part 1 - The Basics

Does ACF2 support SHA-2 certificates?

Updated CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) 12.x (12.6, 12.7 and 12.9) procedure to enable MS SQL Server Merge Replication for CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Offline Reporting

CA CSM writting files to /SYSTEM/tmp/

General Steps to Perform a CA PPM upgrade to 15.1

How to set up CCISSL with CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1

How can I find the Life Cycle information - GA Date, Version, End of Support (EOS) Date, etc. - for my CA Datacom products?

Avoid running pdm_webcache for Automatic refreshing of web forms

Routing via HTTPS fails due to an unrecognized name

How to take an ILOM snapshot on an Oracle Sun Fire Server

Replacing failed disks in hardware Gateway appliances

How Does Discovery Correlation Work?

archive and purge session_log

Is eHealth vulnerable by CVE-2017-5638

Where are details handling maintenance, CA RS, ERROR HOLDDATA, etc, using batch SMP/e since I do not use CA Chorus Mainframe Manager (CSM) yet to maintain my CA product SMP/e environments?

Hostname and IP Address change in NFA

Remediation Steps to Secure CA Service Desk Manager from POODLE Vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566)

Error codes for CA Authminder

Xtraction Error System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException Cannot find either column "dbo" or the user-defined function

CA Client Automation Deploy Wrapper

How to verify if the Dynamic Extend option is active.

Why do we see errors: "CAUAJM_W_10559 Unable to set groups: Success" and "CAUAJM_E_10106 Failed to determine currently logged in user."

Why do some alarms not clear automatically and how can I clear them?

Creating an Interactive job to run in session '0'

Consistent 0 (zero) values seen in IPSLA Response Path test data charts

ehealth installation error while providing oracle update

Where can I find a list of tables found in the MDB ?

CONLIB vs LINKLIST when loading endevor modules

eHealth will not start or continually crashes, what do I do?

Agent throwing encoded errors many times making Agent disconect

How do I use the RECKEY command to add a rule entry, $USERDATA, $PREFIX or $MEMBER to an existing rule?

Our System SSL transfer is failing with message: XCOMM1510E System SSL Function gsk_environment_init(env_handle): RC = 202: Reason = Error detected while opening the certificate

How to change Data Repository Vertica system IP addresses

HUB Performance Optimization & Troubleshooting Guide

How to List Data Query user security information.

Unable to successfully install the Data Repository system

R12.52 SP1 CR5 Secure Proxy Server crashes

Received message XCOMM0780E Txpi 215: Socket send error return value = 1128. What is causing it?

How to set up your ACF2 system to allow Mixed Case Passwords to be used

What encryption method does CA ACF2 use to store passwords and password phrases?

How to destroy and recreate the ehealth database.

GIM67301W messages when installing CA Common Services r14.1 S1401

The CA Spectrum Oneclick "GIS View" map does not open.

The OneClick Web Page fails to open when SSL is enabled.

How to get a list of devices not currently polled by SNMP

RACF Commands From IBM's FEKRACF Member And The CA Top Secret Equivalent Commands.

nhDeleteElements does not delete elements on the first execution (Legacy KB ID CNC TS14361 )

How does Statistics Rollup work in eHealth?

How can I delete archive levels of a Librarian member?

PKI Authorization / RACF to Top Secret

After upgrading NFA to 9.3.x the old Netqos MySQL51 service is still installed and will not start.

Implementing Single Sign On (SSO) using WAFFLE for CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) using Tomcat Web Server

How do I configure CAM to use TCP from the command line?

How to create signatures for packages that contain special characters

TDM/ARD: Licensing for 3.1.2 and above has changed

NFA Reaper Services Stops periodically

I wrote a rule for a resource that was extended format but that rule was not used, a $KEY masked rule was used instead... Why?

Adding Data Source failed Data source is already registered to another Performance Center

Need to unlock our EiamAdmin account

Installing CA Datacom/AD 15.0 via CSM I am getting the following errors during DBSRV apply: IEW2606S 4B39 MODULE INCORPORATES VERSION 3 PROGRAM OBJECT FEATURES AND CANNOT BE SAVED IN LOAD MODULE FORMAT.

How do you implement changes made to the CA ACF2 default batch logonid or the default STC logonid?

Unable to start a single node vertica database

When attempting to log in Xtraction with Windows Authentication mode the following error occurs "Authentication Failed Invalid signature"

CA Log Analyzer job under DB2 11 Extended RBA fails with message LAE0181I GEN0298E Converted DB2 BSDS. How can this be addressed?

Determining why the Data Aggregator shut down unexpectedly

How to Activate a New or Changed Resource Rule?

LXX INIT before V14

Getting error stating remote control management server is not available after an upgrade

When installing CA OPS/MVS where can I find the library MQM.SCSQLOAD?

WCC Quick Edit jobs not found in Quick View

Spectrum Installer for r10.2 on Linux show on initial screen: "Spectrum Install Version 9.3.0" and all options are grayed out.

Nas alarm counts are not in sync between UMP USM and the Infrastructure Manager alarm subconsole

Introducing the new Mainframe Compatibility Web Pages

Synchronization failure between CAPC and the Data Aggregator data source

EiamAdmin account locked after SOI manager start

How to configure CAS9/CAIRIM for use with both version 14.x and 15.x of CA Datacom/AD and CA Datacom/DB.

FSS UI Does Not Appear in Installed Components

Where do I find the Product Support Matrix (PSM) for Applications Server Agent (ASA).

Cannot Access CA ITAM Web Services - 500 Internal Server error or 404 File not found

Unable to create or update a ticket by an email due to error "AHD58004".

Where can I find the LMP Product Code for CA File Master Plus?

Software Delivery: How to move the software delivery package library to a new location.

Enable SSL in Tomcat for CA Service Desk Manager using a Self-Signed Certificate

Is CA Librarian V4.4 compatible with z/OS 2.2?

data_engine best practices

Wildfly (formerly JBoss AS) will not start with Agent configured - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/wily/introscope/agent/AgentShim

JasperSoft reports for CA Spectrum return no data

Web Viewer unable to contact Dispatch/View through CCI

How to remove or substitute the CA logo in the Survey form?

Remote Control to agent machine not working . Repository does not get populated after selecting the Stealth View. RC status in ITCM explorer shows " Not Listening " .

Java Agent producing a JVM with high CPU due to Automatic Entry Point or Backend Detection.

I am getting message CAS9180E - CPU nnnnnn Requires a LMP key to run Prod ( ) with a blank product code

How can I enable DEBUG mode for UMP, USM, ListViewer or Performance Report displays?

How to save off (dump) log files when an alarm occurs

Troubleshooting Network Connectivity Issues with Rally Integration Connectors

Where can I find the End of Support dates for the Endevor releases?

grloader returns "/Unable to find unique grp.combo_name=(grp1)." when using a .csv file to update a customized field that is SREL field type to grp (Group contacts)

Can elements deleted in eHealth be recovered?

What is the impact if Java Heap size is low and how to increase Heap size for System Agent.

When trying to login to NFA 9.3.3 I receive HTTP ERROR 500 Problem accessing /sso/sign-in-process.jsp'.

PROXY_RDP login applications not currently supported.

CA PPM: Error 500 Error updating subobject partitions idea instance When you try to edit attributes in a Idea

Error when trying to reinstall the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) ODBC services in Service Desk 14.1

How To Export and Import EEM Policies (using the GUI)

Getting a S0C4 abend installing CA Librarian on z/OS 2.2 attempting to use SUBSYS=LAM on an IEBGENER step

Agent error in JBoss log file.

CA Software Asset Manager download location on

I am upgrading to AD 15.0 but where is AXPOR02 job.

Do the CA Database Management Solutions for IMS support NEON partitioned databases?

How to setup up a dedicated secondary hub (failover hub) for the Primary Hub using the HA probe

How to resolve RC 60(146) on the LXX in BDUPG06

All ITCM 12.5 GA components are subject to a critical issue which can render the product completely non-functional after roughly one year of operation. Enterprise/Domain/Scalability Servers and Agent machines on Win/AIX/Linux all can be affected.

FTP Server Authentication - Mainframe to Mainframe

Can you import a third party SSL certificate and use it to provide SSL to web services on different CICS regions?

oracle probe connection errors: Create OCI environment failed with rc = -1 or OCIEnvCreate failed with rc = -1

Error "CAUAJM_E_00224 The CAPKI library experienced an internal error and may not have initialized properly." when executing WAAE commands/CLIs

How to change database server host for WCC and Autosys

ITAM 14.1 - Steps to reset uapmadmin password

Error Resolution - CAUAJM_E_18402 ORA-00001: unique constraint

Examples on how to check the data integrity in CA Service Desk Manager database

How to store Expedite Base/MVS Digital Certificates and keyrings in eTrust CA-Top Secret?

How to replace an expiring or expired user digital certificate signed by a third party Certificate Authority (CA) keeping the same key pair.

Is CA Performance Management vulnerable to CVE-2017-5638 (Apache Struts)

We are planning a Disaster Recovery test. How can I get license codes for XCOM and other CA products for this purpose?

What is the cause of an Alarm if a server robot goes down?

Secondary NAS and ALARM_ENRICHMENT crashing

Data Source Configuration fails for Service Catalog in USS

Net_Connect Probe Is Not Working

Sysview 14.1 - not available in CSM

How to download and install all available maintenance for CA Endevor SCM?

"Canet: error 86" "The specified network password is not correct" ERROR: OS Image share ....... is not available. or ERROR: No camenu-11 Boot Server share available !!!

How does a user get "Installation SYSADM" in TSS DB2 and will this access be recorded in a Comp Mngr warehouse record?

Error:"-SQL Execute failed: [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] [ SQL Code=207 SQL State=42S22] Invalid column name 'server_type'" When Running pdm_configure to 12.9 or later

"Allow Protection Override" checkbook on the custom authentication-scheme.

What happens when a counter rolls over in CAPM?

Using CA PAM with RSA

PPM 14.3 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues

How to Change the Logo Image of USS Web Client

Installing Single Robot using RPM and Answer file on Linux environment

How to export users from Spectrum and import into a new server

Error SPC-NCM-20007 is received when doing a device configuration capture in NCM

How to reload all CA TPX profiles with one single command

How to Expand the ACF2 Database Clusters

What do the Service Availability (SRM) Response Test error codes mean?

Steps to recover from a crash of Service Desk's Tomcat

Steps to upgrade the out-of-the-box Apache Tomcat version of CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) to Apache Tomcat 7.0.55

What information is stored in each folders in the Scalability Server ServerDB folder.

"CAS2525E Not Authorized To Run The Utility" With SAFCRRPT Utility

Why does a TSS GENREQ command generate an SHA1 digital certificate?

Monitoring disk utilization of Gateway partitions via SNMP

How to address "Delayed Server Response Message" in Service Desk web interface.

Copying certificates from one system to another.

How to configure the CA Datacom version 14.0 or 15.0 MUF for XCF use.

How to create A signed certificate for Federated Identity Providers

Missing Robots and/or Robot metrics in Unified Service Manager (USM)

Excel Plugin - Validation error when importing display name, user name, e-mail address

HTTP Error 500

How to migrate from CA Teleview to CA TPX

Alarms are delayed and alarm_enrichment queue is backed up with messages.

CAUAJM_E_18409 Unable to load Oracle client libraries

When attempting to access JasperSoft 6.1, it fails with Invalid license (expired) message

Logon Credentials Are Prompted After Enabling NTLM Authentication in Unified Self-Service (USS)

autorep -J -q returns ORA-00942

TCP/IP Security Resources

Advanced Reporting - Support Technical Document Index

Daylight Savings Time Change Impact on SMR

How can I get past the CA Client Automation installation message Warning: this platform has not been validated for CA ITCM on UNIX based machines

Client automation remote mdb installation shows this message after providing the SQL server Name,Instance,Port details. A Non Default port has beeen configured for connection to the database Server. Is it OK to click Yes and continue the installation ?

How to rename the Service Desk tabs and the respective tool tips?

Allowing the CA API Gateway to accept message traffic on ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS)

Route via HTTP(S) assertion fails when routing to HTTPS endpoint

Receiving Alarm "The Hub *** has too many active subscribers. You should consider to offload some of the subscribers to another Hub."

How to setup Nimsoft Monitor Tunnels

Cannot connect to any SMTP servers, Errors in log when TLS option is selected

Discovery Server issues

Api Key and Oauth Client FAQ

Export Test Case Steps

Role Based Dashboard

UMP USM portlet is stuck loading

Unable to set up SSL based Spectrum as a Data Source in CA Performance Manager (CAPM)

The Resource Initialization Manager Utilities CAIRIMU, CAISMFU, and CAISUBU verify the initialization of different resources.

Use this procedure to unload all the records in your CA View database associated with a particular report if CA Web Viewer Support asks you to send in a copy of your Report

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