How can you determine which CA PDSMAN $ACCESS and $UPDATE rules match a particular library?

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Last Modified Date:  06/08/2017
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  • CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management


  • CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management:Release:7.7


  • CA-PDSMAN for OS/390:PDSM

How can you determine which CA PDSMAN $ACCESS and $UPDATE rules match a particular library?


CA PDSMAN provides a utility program named PDSM34. This utility will provide a report that provides the rules in play for a specific dataset name. Whatever the matching $ACCESS and $UPDATE rules are for a library name you specify will be reported on. The CA PDSMAN utility will process the rules in order. The utility can be executed as a batch program or online by selecting option 4 on the PDSMAN ISPF Master Menu.

Sample Batch process

//PDSMRPT  DD  SYSOUT=*                        
//SYSIN    DD  *                               

Additional Information:

Please review the CA PDSMAN Library Management Administrator Guide

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