In the MSP New Driver baseline hours change in the Timescale

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Last Modified Date:  06/07/2017
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  • CA PPM


  • CA PPM:Release:15.1



In the Microsoft Project (MSP) New Driver, if a resource has non working day exceptions in their calendar in PPM or does not work 8 hours a day, work hours and / or baseline hours change in the Timescale after a round trip save from MSP to PPM.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a resource in PPM with the following setup: 
Working hours: 8 hours, with vacation time/holidays during the period of the assignment (In this example, 3 Non-Workdays on the resource's calendar in PPM during the months of January, February, and March) 

2. Create a project in PPM with a start date of 1/4/17

3. Add the resource created in step 1 to the Team 

4. From the Task or Properties tab, select ‘Open in Scheduler’ -> ‘Microsoft Project [Read-Write]’ to open the project in MSP 

5. Go to the Task Usage view and add Baseline Work to the Timescale (View used is monthly) 

6. Create a new task (any Task Type as the issue happens with Fixed Units, Fixed Work, and Fixed Duration)

7. Assign the resource to the task with 80 hours of work for the resource in January, February, and March

8. Baseline the project in MSP: Go to the Project tab->Set Baseline->Set Baseline->OK 

9. Save the project back to PPM 

10. Open the project from PPM to MSP and navigate back to the Task Usage View (At this time, the baseline work should look okay in the Timescale)

11. Baseline the project again in MSP: Go to the Project tab->Set Baseline->Set Baseline->OK 

12. Save the project again from MSP to PPM
13. Open the project in MSP and navigate back to the Task Usage View 

Expected Results: Baseline Work hours in the Timescale remain the same as before saving back to PPM
Actual Results: Some of the Baseline Work in the Timescale has changed. In this example:
The Baseline Work is wrong for January and February

This applies to the MSP New Driver for CA PPM 15.1

This is caused by DE31892


This issue is currently under review as DE31892.

Workaround: None.

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