Execute long commands in Netmaster OCS console

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Last Modified Date:  07/07/2017
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  • CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP
  • CA SOLVE:Access Session Management
  • CA SOLVE:Central for z/OS
  • CA SOLVE:Operations Automation


  • CA NetMaster File Transfer Management:NFT
  • CA NetMaster Network Automation:NMAUTO
  • Unicenter NetMaster Management Services:NMS
  • CA NetMaster Network Management for SNA:NMSNA
  • CA NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP:NMTIP
  • Unicenter SOLVE:Access Session Management:SACCES
  • CA SOLVE:Operations Automation for CICS:SOPCIC
  • CA SOLVE:Operations Automation for z/OS:SOPMVS
  • SOLVE:Central Service Desk:SCENAS
  • Unicenter SOLVE:Operations Automation for MSP:SOPMSP

How can I enter a long command that spans more than the characters allowed in the Operator Console Services (OCS) window?  Can the screen be increased to multiple lines, or is there a continuation character I can use?


All releases and variations of Netmaster Suite SOLVE:Operations SOLVE:Access SOLVE:Central

There is no way to expand the input line in OCS and also no continuation character that will allow for a longer command.  It allows for 124 characters (in MOD5 Telnet emulation) but not more.

However, Command Entry (enter CMD from any command line in Netmaster) has 2 lines that can be used for entering commands, allowing for almost twice as many characters.




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