When using CA PDSMAN and BMC STOPX37 on the same system; which product should be started first to assure full functionality?

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Last Modified Date:  06/07/2017
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  • CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management


  • CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management:Release:7.7


  • CA-PDSMAN for OS/390:PDSM

BMC STOPX37 and CA PDSMAN copatibility


When using CA PDSMAN and BMC STOPX37 on the same system; which product should be started first to assure full functionality?


When BMC StopX37 is started AFTER CA PDSMAN, CA PDSMAN no longer receives control during STOW SVC processing.
The impact on CA-PDSMAN may include abends during program fetch and the creation of unusual member names
such as "PDS MAN" and "PDS MANd" in library directories.
 Some CA-PDSMAN facilities may also cease to function  properly.
 To avoid this problem, ensure BMC STOPX37 is ALWAYS started BEFORE CA PDSMAN. If STOPX37 is started after CA PDSMAN,
 an IPL may be required to properly reset the SVC entries.
 Please note that the unusual member names can simply be deleted from the library after the BMC STOPX37 issue is resolved.

Additional Information:

For release 7.6 you can see solution QI88285

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