NFA 9.3.6 shows "Last Flow Never" or shows the date of the upgrade to 9.3.6 as the last updated data for interfaces however data is visible in reports.

Document ID:  TEC1099486
Last Modified Date:  06/14/2017
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  • CA Network Flow Analysis


  • CA Network Flow Analysis:Release:9.3.6



NFA 9.3.6 Enable Interfaces page shows either "Last Flow Never" or a date that is matches up with the data you upgraded to NFA 9.3.6 for devices however data is visible in reports.

NFA 9.3.6

This can occur when the Harvester has more than one NIC which causes *.flt files to be generated with an IP address in the name that doesn't match the IP address that was used in the Admin->Harvesters page.


You can verify this by searching the Pump*.log on the console for ".flt" and seeing what the name of the file is.  The name will contain an IP address, if that IP address does not match the IP address in the Admin->Harvesters page, it will cause this problem.   *.flt files are needed to update the last flow/last data columns in the database, if they have the wrong IP address in the name, they are discarded.


For the time being the only work around would be to disable the secondary NIC and reboot the Harvester.



Additional Information:

Defect DE286827 has been opened to address this problem and the fix in the link below has been released:

This patch also corrects an issue where v5 Netflow triggers false router reboots in NFA.

To install patch:

1.  Stop CA NFA Harvester, CA NFA Collection and Poller Webservices, and the CA NFA Data Retention service on the Harvester.

2.  Copy to <installDir>/NetFlow/bin (backup the original jar)

3.  Open a cmd prompt and run the update statement below using the IP address of the Harvester so that it matches what is displayed on the Admin->Harvesters page of NFA.

         Mysql -P3308 -D harvester -t -e "update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='' where parameter='harvesterIPAddress';"

4. Restart all of the Harvester services

5.  Check <install dir>\Netflow\datafiles\harvester-wrapper.log file to ensure no exceptions logged at startup to validate patch success.

6. Open a CMD prompt enter this command: 

Mysql -P3308 -D harvester -t -e "update routers set PollState='InitialPoll', stateretry=0, reboottime=0 where PollState ='RebootRefresh';"

7. Wait about 15 minute and verify if the Last Data time stamp is updated for active devices. 

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