In the MSP New Driver, Incorrect Rate Dates are being Exported, Preventing Projects from Opening

Document ID:  TEC1308499
Last Modified Date:  06/12/2017
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  • CA PPM


  • CA PPM:Release:15.1
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When attempting to open a project in MSP using the New Driver, MSP throws a 'SchedLink MFC Application has stopped working' error. At times, this error is preceded with other errors such as "The last time you opened 'PRJ00088.xml', it caused a serious error. Do you still want to open it? " and "These tasks can't be linked because they're already linked through another task chain." 

These errors occurs when another resource/role has been staffed on the project Team after the Rate Matrix Extraction job has already run and there are already records in the nbi_proj_res_rates_and_costs for other resources/roles on that project. 

Steps to Reproduce:

0. Make sure that the on the fly Rate Matrix Extraction job is turned off: 

This query should return 0. 

select value from cmn_option_values

where option_id = (select id from cmn_options where option_code='PRJ_RT_RATES_EXTRACTION');

1. Create a rate matrix including the dates between 1/1/1990 - 12/31/2017 for all resources

2. Create a project and associated it to a rate matrix. 

3. Staff 1 team member to the project

4. Export the project to MSP

5. Open the project XML in notepad and note that the rate dates go from the years 1984-1990 and 1990-2079. 













6. Run the Rate Matrix Extraction job with the first 3 options checked

7. Export the project to MSP. The project opens.

Notice how the dates on the rates for this first role are as expected:













8. Close the project in MSP

9. In PPM, add one more resource/role to the team

10. Export the project to MSP

Expected Results: The project opens successfully in MSP and the newly added resource (from Step 8) has rate dates for the years between 1984-1990 and 1990-2079 as the initial role had after Step 5. 

Actual Results: The project attempts to open, but then throws a 'SchedLink MFC Application has stopped working' error.

Notice how the dates on the rates are 1984-1900 and 1900-2079 for the second resource/role:













CA PPM 15.1 and 15.2

Caused by DE34986


DE34986 is currently under review by our Sustaining Engineering team for a resolution. 

Workaround: Run the RME job with the first 3 options checked after adding the second resource. 

Additional Information:

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