Note on LServ ADDPOOL definition for IBM RDz/Carma with Endevor

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Last Modified Date:  07/07/2017
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  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager
  • CA Common Services for z/OS
  • CA Change Manager Enterprise Workbench


  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:Release:17.0
  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:Release:18.0
  • CA Common Services for z/OS:Release:14
  • CA Common Services for z/OS:Release:14.1
  • CA Change Manager Enterprise Workbench:Release:12 SP3
  • CA Change Manager Enterprise Workbench:Release:12 SP2
  • CA Change Manager Enterprise Workbench:Release:12 SP1
  • CA Change Manager Enterprise Workbench:Release:12


  • CA Endevor Software Change Manager:ENDBAS
  • CA-L-Serv (Common component w/TNG Framew:LSERV
  • CA CM Enterprise Workbench:ENTCCM

If you are managing Endevor files using LServ fileserver and using the IBM RDz/Carma with Endevor, you may need to review the parameter submitted with LServ command ADDPOOL.


In some case, the STRNO parameter in the LServ LSR buffer pool might need to be increased when IBM Rational Developer RDz is used, and Lserv is used to manage the Endevor MCF's.


Using IBM Rational Developer RDz and Carma with Endevor may require some adjustement of the LSR buffer pool.

When you define the LServ buffer POOL using the command ADDPOOL, you may need to increase the STRNO(VSAM placeholders allocated for the file).

The default value is 32 but it is likely that this value is too small when using RDz/Carma, due to inventory sweeps.

Symptom is hangs of the TSO/Endevor sessions.

In that case, you have to increase the STRNO value on the ADDPOOL statements to which MCF's map, for example:
   'ADDPOOL 01 (2048,199) (8192,299) STRNO(255)'

Additional Information:

For further details on command and parameters, see the CA Common Services for z/OS Administrator Guide and Reference Guide.

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