Queue Alert Report SQL Query

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Last Modified Date:  06/06/2017
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Client needs the SQL Query to get the Alarms list for Queues to create a Jasper Soft report. 


What is the SQL Query to get the Alarms list for Queues?. I need to create a Jasper Soft report and I need  the correct SQL Query to do it.


Please test the following query on your test system.

SELECT dbo.AlertQueues.QueueName,

dbo.AlertQueueAssignments.AlertID,dbo.Alerts.DeviceID, dbo.Alerts.SituationMessage, dbo.Alerts.AlertDetail, dbo.Alerts.ModelElementID,dbo.Alerts.Active

FROM dbo.AlertQueueAssignments INNER JOIN

dbo.Alerts ON dbo.AlertQueueAssignments.AlertID = dbo.Alerts.AlertID INNER JOIN

dbo.AlertQueues ON dbo.AlertQueueAssignments.QueueID = dbo.AlertQueues.QueueID

WHERE dbo.AlertQueues.QueueName = 'Critical' and dbo.Alerts.Active = 1

Please note that custom Jasper reports / queries related to the same are outside of support scope and any further assistance may need CA Services engagement.


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