Spectrum_10.02.01.PTF_10.2.123 has been released.

Document ID:  TEC1401783
Last Modified Date:  07/04/2017
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  • CA Spectrum


  • CA Spectrum:Release:10.2
  • CA Spectrum:Release:10.2.1





        This is a Program Temporary Fix (PTF) patch for the following issue:


        Symptom: When AP gets remodeled then the AP moved from its container to the container 

        of the WLC.

        Resolution: When AP gets remodeled then the AP not moved from its container to the container 

        of the WLC.

        (DE278924. 00681023)


REQUIREMENTS SPECTRUM 10.02.00 and 10.02.01 are prerequisite for installation of this patch.

the Sustaining engineering team enabled listener for changes on attribute AdiscConfigHierarchy (0x12dd3) and hierarchy updated when ever there is change in this attribute.

So when creating a Discovery Folder in one OC, the folders are created on the other OC servers and  now folder sync across OCs is happening.

This is resolved via Spectrum_10.02.01.PTF_10.2.123.  Please contact support to request a copy of this patch.

Additional Information:





runme.exe (Windows)

uninstall_PTF_10.2.123.exe (Windows)

        libwlc.dll (Windows)



runme (Solaris/Linux)

uninstall_PTF_10.2.123.exe (Solaris/Linux)

        libwlc.so.1 (Solaris/Linux)


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