How to Receive and Apply an Online Agile Designer License

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Last Modified Date:  06/19/2017
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  • CA Agile Requirements Designer


  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.0
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.1
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.2
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.3
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.4
  • CA Agile Requirements Designer:Release:2.5


  • CA Test Case Optimizer:ITKOTC

This document will explain how to:

  • Fill out a Customer Care Request form so that our CA licensing team can create a license key for you.
  • Apply your online license activation key through the CodeMeter License Central WebDepot in your browser. 

The ActivationWizard.exe that used to activate CA Agile Requirements Designer has been deprecated. It is still available under the installation folder, but it will no longer be used to activate Online Agile Designer licenses. The ActivationWizard has been replaced with browser activation through the CodeMeter License Central WebDepot located at This new license activation method is using Wibu's (a third party licensing company) own solution for handling proxy issues and reducing additional libraries by using the browser. This will reduce the number of licensing errors experienced by our users.

CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD), formerly Test Case Optimizer (TCO). Release versions 2.0 and above.


  • If you have previously installed licenses, you can use the following process.
  • You will need to make sure your license containers are imported into CodeMeter before following the process below.
  • If you are using an older browser version, you might be asked to update your Java Runtime Environment, or JRE. Generally with the newer browser versions this will not be a requirement. 

 Create a license request case:

  1. Go to and login to CA Support Online: 
  2. Next to 'Welcome to CA Support', click the 'Menu' bar, which is an icon with four horizontal lines.

    login to CSO click menu option.png

  3. Click on the 'Licensing' icon.

    licensing menu option.png

  4. On the CA Licensing page, in the top, right-hand corner, choose the 'Open an issue for CA Licensing' link. 
  5. Fill out the following 'Account Information':
    • Please indicate your relationship with CA: (CA Customer, CA Employee, Other)
    • CA SiteID: If you do not know this, please call 1-800-225-5224
    • Request Type: CA Licensing
    • First Name:
    • Last Name:
    • Company Name:
    • Company Address:
    • Country:
    • City:
    • State/Province:
    • Postal/Zip Code:
    • Telephone Number:
    • Corporate Email Address:

      customer care form account info.PNG

  6. Fill out the following 'Details' information:
    • Type of License: General Licensing for All Other Products
    • Problem Description: Require Online license for CA Agile Requirements Designer. (If you need a trial version or a VM specific license, you can add this information here)
    • Product Name: CA Agile Requirements Designer (Agile Designer)
    • Release Name: 2.5 (or whichever version you are currently using)
    • What operating system are you using? 
    • Do you want to add an attachment: No. (WibuCmRaC license request files are not needed for Online license key activation.)
    • Please enter security code: See letters in grey box and enter them here.

      customer care form online license details section.png

  7. Click the 'Submit' button.

  8. You will get a message saying that case '00XXXXXX' has been created and someone will be reaching out to you shortly. Take note of this case number.

  9. A member of our customer care (licensing) team will create the online license key you require and email you within 24 hours. 

  10. Once you have the online license key, follow the next set of instructions.

Apply the online license through CodeMeter in your browser:

  1. You should have received either a URL or a 25 character key from the licensing team. 
  2. Once you have clicked on the link or entered the key, you will see an 'Available Licenses' screen. Verify that a container has been chosen under the 'Select CmContainer' drop down. It should be chosen automatically and you can leave the default selection.
  3. Click on the 'Activate Selected Licenses Now' button. You should see several messages about the license being transferred and activated. When finished, you will see a license listed under 'My Licenses' in the browser.
  4. You can further verify that the license was imported by going to CodeMeter Control Center. You will see the 'AgileDesigner' license in the 'License' tab with a 'License activated' status message.
  5. To verify your license was successfully activated, launch Agile Designer. If you are able to open and use Agile Designer, your license key has been applied successfully.
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