How to uninstall CABI

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Last Modified Date:  07/14/2017
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  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management


  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management:Release:8.47



In some situations you may need to uninstall the CABI probe, including the database tables that it creates. This will not affect Unified Reporter.

- Unified Infrastructure Management 8.47 - CABI 1.0
  1. From either Infrastructure Manager or Admin Console, delete the cabi and wasp probes from the CABI robot.
  2.  Remove the following directories from the CABI probe's file system.
    1. <nimsoft home>/cabi
    2. <nimsoft home>/probes/service/cabi
    3. <nimsoft home>/probes/service/wasp
  3. Remove the ‘cabi’ and ‘wasp’ probe from the CABI robot in Admin Console
  4. Run the attached script to delete the CABI tables that were added during installation.







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