No valid event code at start of line 2917 of event disposition file ./CsVendor/Cisco_Router/EventDisp

Document ID:  TEC1736112
Last Modified Date:  06/07/2017
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  • CA Spectrum


  • CA Spectrum:Release:10.2
  • CA Spectrum:Release:10.2.1



Installed spectrum 10.2 and found the duplicated event rules on EventDisap at " $SPECROOT/SS/CsVendor/Ctron_Gen_Host/EventDisp" as follows; 


Which entries should be removed? 


0x01169c49 E 20 C 0x01169c48 

0x01169c49 E 20 


0x01169f61 E 20 A 1,0x01169f61 

0x01169f61 E 20 



Error message during updating event files; 


No valid event code at start of line 2917 of event disposition file ./CsVendor/Cisco_Router/EventDisp 

Spectrum 10.2.x

There is an empty line on line number 3791 that is causing this issue.


The solution turns out is to remove the empty line on line number 3791 and then when the events are reloaded the error is no longer seen. 


The steps are as follows:


Edit the $SPECROOT/SS/CsVendor/Cisco_Router/EventDisp

Remove the empty line on line number 3791

In the OneClick GUI:

Go the VNM Icon in the Universe View

Select the VNM icon

In the Component Details Information tab, expand the SpectroSERVER Control Folder

Click on the update Event Configuration button


Once this is complete the above error should no longer occur.

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