Removing Jobtrac from a DATACOM/AD database

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Last Modified Date:  07/17/2017
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  • CA Datacom/AD
  • CA Jobtrac Job Management


  • CA Datacom/AD:Release:14.0
  • CA Jobtrac Job Management:Release:11


  • CA Datacom/AD:AD

We used to run CA-Jobtrac in combination with CA DATACOM/AD. 3 years ago we converted from Jobtrac to CA Workload Automation ESP Edition. 

As part of cleaning up, I found some Jobtrac datasets that I believe are DATACOM datasets and was wondering how I can clean these up. 

How do I tell if these are still attached to DATACOM still or can I just straight up delete the datasets? 

z/OS, CA Datacom/AD 14.0

You can delete these physical datasets using ISPF 3.4


Jobtrac database information/definition will still be in the Data Dictionary and the CXX Directory.


To be fully clean, you should follow the 3 steps below after the CXX report:


1-To remove all Jobtrac definition from Data Dictionary:



//              DD  DSN=your..CABDLOAD,DISP=SHR 


//DDSNAP   DD  SYSOUT=*                    

//SNAPER   DD  SYSOUT=*                    


//SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*              

//SYSPUNCH DD  DUMMY                 

//SYSUDUMP DD  SYSOUT=*              

//SYSIN  DD  DATA,DLM=$$             


-DEL DATABASE,databaseName           

1000 OBSOLETE                        



For example -DEL DATABASE,HD0162.

Use the 1000 OBSOLETE transaction to remove a structure or substructure in all statuses from CA Datacom Datadictionary


2-To remove information/definition from the CXX Directory:



//              DD  DSN=your..CABDLOAD,DISP=SHR 


//SNAPER   DD  SYSOUT=*                    

//SYSOUT   DD  SYSOUT=*                    

//SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*                    

//SYSUDUMP DD  SYSOUT=*                    

//SYSIN DD *                               

 COMM     OPTION=CLOSE,DBID=nnn            



for example nnn = 0162

To remove a database using CXXMAINT DELETE, the database must not currently be open. If the database is open with no users, close the database, then issue the delete.


3-To delete the physical data sets:


//SYSPRINT DD  SYSOUT=*                

//SYSIN    DD *                        

  DELETE  your.IXXnnn                  

  DELETE  your.aaannn                  

  DELETE .... other areas.             


Can be done via ISPF 3.4 as well.


But first, execute a  DBUTLTY CXX report:




For example nnn = 0162

It will display DBID information and the physical data set names related to the DBID.

(FIND 'DATA SET NAME' when browsing the report under ISPF)


In each of the step above, use the same Steplib, so that you are reaching the same MUF each time.  


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