UNHOLD of EVENT in the current schedule abends GFP447E.

Document ID:  TEC1812531
Last Modified Date:  07/12/2017
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  • CA FAQS Production Control System for z/VSE


  • CA FAQS Production Control System for z/VSE:Release:5.1


  • CA FAQS Production Control System for z/VSE:FAQPCS


What could be the cause of a GFP447E abend PHASE=JCLPCL when trying to UNHOLD an EVENT in the current schedule ?


The current schedule has some events in HOLD status. When trying to release one of the held events using the U (UNHOLD) command, the event is not set to RUN status and an abend appears in the FAQSPCS partition : GFP447E GSEDIT ABNORMAL TERMINATION GFP447E PSW=07DD0000 8076B002 GFP447E PHASE=JCLPCL +00000002


This points to a problem with the SYS$EVT PDS, so the recommendation is to perform the following steps to resolve the problem.  

1) Bring down FAQSPCS

2) Backup the SYS$EVT file using GSPDSU 

    // EXEC GSPDSU  



3) Format the SYS$EVT file using   




4) Restore the SYS$EVT file using GSPDSU from the backup performed in step 2.




5) REIPL the VSE machine


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