What is difference in between 'Static Monitor' and 'Auto Monitor' and how IM GUI 'Template' interacts with probe.

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When you apply a template, there are 2 similar operations actionable in IM GUI which results different intreaction with the probe.

The KB explains how that works.


1. Drag a template and drop over 'Auto Configurations' tree.



2. Drag a template and drop over Resource tree.




It is very important to understand

- How IM GUI apply template your probe.

- Difference in between Auto Monitor and Static Monitor

- Advantage and disadvantage.



Let's take a look at an example with vmware probe.


- I have one template which has one metric for VM.

- Target resource is an ESXi which has 2 VMs.


When drag the template and drop over 'Auto Configurations' tree, monitors are configured as Auto Monitor.

Take a look at structure in probe configuration file.




The monitor is automatically applied on all the objects that are found in the target.

In this example, the monitor is also automatically applied on a VM that was newly added.

The change on via 'Auto Configurations' tree is mass update to active monitors.


In this example, it is not possible to have specific VM to be excluded from the template.



When drag the template and drop over Resource tree, monitors are configured as Static Monitor.




This might be more flexible than Auto Monitors.

In this example, static monitor is the right choice if you want to apply the template on specific VMs only.

After applying the template, you can remove monitors that you don't need.


Probe configuration file becomes bigger, which causes probe to require extra computer resources to parse.

Probe require extra computer resources compared to Auto Monitors.

Additional Information:

This KB is common for the other probes in which 'Auto Configurations' feature is supported in IM GUI.

This KB is not applicable on Admin Console GUI.



Please take a look at the below KB as well.

TEC000003820 - Vmware Auto monitors are superior to Static monitors




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