How can I upgrade to NFA 9.3.6?

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Last Modified Date:  06/19/2017
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  • CA Network Flow Analysis


  • CA Network Flow Analysis:Release:9.3.6
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  • CA Network Flow Analysis:Release:9.3.3



How can I upgrade to NFA 9.3.6?


In order to upgrade to NFA 9.3.6 the following conditions must be met:

 1. You must be on NFA 9.3.3 before upgrading to NFA 9.3.6.

       This community post Tech Tip: NFA 9.3.3 Upgrade Path explains how to upgrade your environment to 9.3.3 from various versions of NFA.


 2. Your Windows Servers (Consoles and Harvesters) must be on Windows 2012 R2.  

  If you are still running Windows 2008 R2, you must migrate to Windows 2012 R2 servers following the steps here before upgrading to 9.3.6: Upgrade the Windows Operating System - CA Network Flow Analysis - 9.3.6 - CA Technologies Documentation.


3. If you have any Linux RedHat Harvesters, they must be on RedHat version 6.7 only.  If they are not you can follow the steps here to migrate your servers to RedHat 6.7: Migrate RHEL 5.6 Harvesters to RHEL 6.7 and Above - CA Network Flow Analysis - 9.3.6 - CA Technologies Documentation 


4. You must be in a 2 Tier Environment as support for the DSA has been dropped.  If you are on a 3 Tier Environment you would need to migrate to a 2 Tier Environment first as outlined in this document:


5. Once all of the conditions above have been met you can upgrade to NFA 9.3.6 following the steps outlined in the NFA 9.3.6 Upgrade Guide: Upgrading - CA Network Flow Analysis - 9.3.6 - CA Technologies Documentation.

As always be sure to backup your databases before upgrading any NFA environment following the steps here: Backing Up and Restoring Data - CA Network Flow Analysis - 9.3.6 - CA Technologies Documentation 

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