In MSP New Driver, resource allocation dates get changed to the Project Start / Finish Dates

Document ID:  TEC1971038
Last Modified Date:  07/03/2017
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  • CA PPM:Release:14.2 On Premise
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  • CA PPM:Release:14.2
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  • CA PPM:Release:14.3 On Demand
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When saving a project back from MSP to PPM, resource allocation dates are incorrectly changing to the project start / finish dates. If you look at the allocation Start/Finish dates, and they are blank, this is a symptom of the resource dates defaulting to the project start/finish dates. 

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In PPM, create a new project with Start/Finish Dates that are not the same. (In this example: Start Date = 1/4/2016, Finish Date 3/3/2016) 

2. Click on the Team tab and add one resource to the project

3. Change the Start and Finish Dates for the resource so that they are inside the project dates. (In this example: Start Date = 1/7/2016, Finish Date = 2/26/2016) 

4. On the Task tab, create one task, and assign the resource to the task with some ETC (In this example, 8 hours)

5. Create a constraint so the Start date isn’t forced to the project date when opening in MSP: 

  • Click on the Task’s Properties drop down and select constraints 
  • Enter 6/12/2017 for ‘Start No Earlier Than’
  • Click ‘Save and Return’ 

6. Open the project from PPM to MSP 

7. Save the project in MSP back to PPM 


8. Go back to the Team tab and view the team members Start/Finish Dates. 
Expected Results: Resource Start/Finish dates stays the same as what was entered in step 3. 
Actual Results: Resource Start/Finish Dates have changed to the Start/Finish dates of the project. If you click on the properties icon for the resource, the allocation Start/Finish dates are blank and the Planned Allocation start/finish dates have changed back to the project start/finish dates. 

Applies to 14.2 (and higher)?MSP Interface new driver

Caused by CLRT-79965 - Planned Allocation dates change in PPM when saved back from MSP New driver.


This issue is no longer reproducible as of 15.1. However, there is a second planned allocation issue (DE32327) fixed in 15.1 patch 5, 15.2 patch 1 and 15.3, that occurs after saving a project back to PPM more than once. 

Additional Information:

Reference TEC1546884: Team Start and Finish Dates are no longer blank after two round trips with MSP using New Driver 

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