Which version of TPX am I running?

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Last Modified Date:  06/06/2017
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  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS
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  • CA Teleview Session Management for z/OS
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  • CA TPX Session Management for z/OS:Release:5.4


  • CA-TPX for OS/390:TPX

Sometimes, it is necessary to know which TPX Release and Service Pack you are running. This is important when checking compatibility with releases of z/OS or when reporting a problem to CA's Helpdesk.


How can I find out which version of TPX is running?



There are three ways to find out which release and service pack of TPX you are running:


1. TPXOPER session


If you have access to TPXOPER, then logon to that session. In the upper-right corner you will see a string:

'*********** 5.4/00    TEN0200'

The string
'5.4/00' represent Release and Service Pack of the TPX region (TEN0200 is the name of this panel.)


2. TPX Joblog


The TPX Joblog contains the message:




This indicates the used release and service pack.


3. Logon screen


When using the standard TPX logon panel, in the upper right of the Logon screen, located right of the large letters 'TPX' this string: "REL 5.4/00". This tells you the release and service pack of the TPX region.


Note: Your installation might use a customized TPX logon panel not containing the release information.

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