CA Faver export fails to open DFHSM MCDS, giving error message "IEC161I 006-027" and "GV306 - ERROR OPENING MCDS FILE - R15=008 RC=168"

Document ID:  TEC429401
Last Modified Date:  07/04/2017
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  • CA FAVER VSAM Data Protection


  • CA FAVER VSAM Data Protection:Release:4.5


  • CA Faver VSAM Data Protection:FAVERM

When running a CA FAVER backup job, GVEXPORT, with the RECALL parameter to include migrated (archived) files in the backup, the job fails to open the MCDS and gives error message "message IEC161I 006-027" and "GV306 - ERROR OPENING MCDS FILE - R15=008 RC=168"


From the message IEC161I 006-027:

ccc = 27 - HDZ11E0 and above - Attempt to open a VSAM data set for non-RLS input processing with SHAREOPTIONS other than 2,x and the data set is already opened for RLS processing.

The Share Options for the MCDS in this case are usually (3,x).

For non-RLS access, VSAM uses the share options settings to determine the type of sharing permitted. If you set the cross-region share option to 2, a non-RLS open for input is permitted while the data set is already open for RLS access. VSAM provides full read and write integrity for the RLS users, but does not provide read integrity for the non-RLS user.

A non-RLS open for output is not permitted when already opened for RLS.

VSAM RLS provides full read and write sharing for multiple users; it does not use share options settings to determine levels of sharing.

When an RLS open is requested and the data set is already open for non-RLS input, VSAM does check the cross-region setting. If it is 2, then the RLS open is permitted. The open fails for any other share option or if the dataset has been opened for non-RLS output.

Since CA FAVER does not update the MCDS, it just requests dataset recalls, FAVER does not need to open it using RLS processing as there is no possibility of data integrity contention. You can change the definition of the MCDS datasets to use SHROPTNS(2,x).

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