How can one disable LLA monitoring at PDSMAN startup.

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  • CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management


  • CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management:Release:7.7


  • CA-PDSMAN for OS/390:PDSM

The CA PDSMAN PDS Library Management LLA/Extensions and Performance facilities allow you to improve system performance by significantly reducing the number of I/O operations between your CPU and DASD that are done to perform partitioned library directory searching.


How can one disable LLA monitoring at PDSMAN startup.


To disable LLA monitoring at PDSMAN startup, add the NOLMON as a startup parm on the EXEC statement.

Here are some additional commands to modify the LLA monitoring status.

Here are a few examples:

F PDSMAN,STOPLMON      - Stop   LLA monitoring
F PDSMAN,STARTLMON     - Start  LLA monitoring
F PDSMAN,NEWLMON       - Bounce LLA monitoring 
Additional Information:

Suggested reading :

LLA Extensions and Performance Facilities User Guide Release (PDSMAN 7.7)

Chapter 5: Monitoring the LLA Address Space

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