What steps are needed to upgrade CA Datacom/AD to release 11.0 SP4)

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Last Modified Date:  06/07/2017
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  • CA APCDDS Automated Report Balancing:Release:1.1


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What are the specific jobs that CA APCDDS Automated Report Balancing customers must run as a part of their CA Datacom/AD R11.0 SP4 upgrade?


When you upgrade your Datacom/AD environment to release 11.0 you must run three Datacom jobs that are specific to APCDDS.

They are:


These jobs are included on the Datacom 11.0 SP4 tape.

With the 10.0 version of DATACOM/AD, the MUF parameters were changed. If you are upgrading from CA DATACOM/AD release 9.0, the MUF control cards that were supplied with CA APCDDS 1.1 are no longer valid and can cause errors.

MUF startup options in DBDATIN1(DATACOM), and TKMUFS02(APCDDS) need to include:

MUF      ADMUF01,99,YES

Also, the RESTART option is not allowed with DATACOM/AD 10.0 or higher. Remove step 1 from the CATKMUFS PROC which will eliminate invoking this option.

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