When attaching a large CA Librarian member to CA Roscoe it gets truncated. Is there a way to view the whole member?

Document ID:  TEC495892
Last Modified Date:  06/14/2017
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  • CA Roscoe Interactive Environment


  • CA Roscoe Interactive Environment:Release:6.0


  • CA ROSCOE. Interactive Environment:ROSCOE

We have a CA Librarian member that contains more than 100,000 lines. When I attach the member in CA Roscoe I can only view the first 100,000 lines. 
Is there a way to view the whole member?


There is a CA Roscoe limit of 100,000 lines when attaching CA Librarian files. This limit applies to both standard and wide record format files. The problem is that some fields in the CA Roscoe control blocks utilized to handle CA Librarian files are too small to handle a size greater than 100,000. 

There is no solution to this problem but as a circumvention you can use the CA Librarian   -OPT UTILITY   statement  or the method in TEC448341 to copy the CA Librarian member to a sequential file, then attach the sequential file.



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