Secure File Transfer and Secure File Storage is Here

Secure File Transfer and Secure File Storage was deployed on November 14, 2009, for case management and site environment profile file attachments. Secure File Transfer and Secure File Storage will change the way that file attachments are transferred to and accessed from CA Support.

Secure File Transfer is not used when customers download products or published solution / fixes from CA Support Online.

Secure File Transfer and Secure File Storage will require customers to use a user ID and password because anonymous user access will not be supported.


  • CA Support Online users can use their CA Support Online ID and password for those sites to which they have access.

  • Non-CA Support Online users will be provided a user ID (their corporate email address) and the ability to create and manage their password, for those sites to which they have access.

  • CA Support Online provides single sign-on when using the integrated CA Support Online secure file transfer clients.

  • Customers will also have to use a user ID and password as part of transferring files using third-party file transfer programs, Job Control Language (“JCL”), and shell scripts.

Secure File Transfer Highlights

  • Allows customers to use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or continue to use FTP.

  • Provides HTTPS file transfer client that is integrated into CA Support Online.

NOTE: SFTP is a replacement for FTP based on the secure shell (SSH) protocol. It is not FTP over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Unlike FTP, SFTP encrypts the session, password, user ID, commands and data, helping to provide protection against common network security risks.

Secure File Storage Highlights

  • Provides a new file server at

  • Case file attachments that a customer emails to CA Support will also be stored on

NOTE: Email is not encrypted. If files sent via email are required to be encrypted then customers should encrypt files before sending by email and provide the public encryption keys to the CA technicians working the cases.

Additional Information

  • The CA Support Online help document provides additional information about using the CA Support Online file transfer clients, third-party file transfer products, JCL, and shell scripts in connection with Secure File Transfer and Secure File Storage.

  • For more information, please contact CA Customer Care at the local number for your country.

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