CA Capacity Management (CA Hyperformix)
Patch Strategy

CA Capacity Management (Hyperformix ) provides continuous published fixes and enhancements for our customers based primarily on demand or discovered issues.

The following is the list of software delivery mechanisms outside of the normal release process:

  • Hot Fix - A hot fix is generally developed quickly based on customer demand or internal research, but includes time for proper QA and documentation. It will generally lack a full installer, but can be installed by following provided documentation. Customers employing a hot fix will be considered to be fully supported by future software releases and upgrades per support policy. Hot fixes are not made available to download from the CA Customer Support portal.
  • Update - An update is generally a larger update for CA Capacity Management software and will include an installer. It may be made available through customer demand or from product management direction, in possible combination with enhanced or updated features. Updates are fully and rigorously tested against all variants of the supported platform matrix and will include any hot fixes that have come before it. Customers employing updates are fully supported by future software releases and upgrades per support policy. All updates are available to download from the CA Customer Support portal.
  • Component Model Library Update (On Demand) - Component Model Library updates are available on demand through the CA Customer Support for one type of component that needs to be modeled in CA Capacity Management software. These take the form of a data file without documentation, and require manual insertion into a repository. This insertion is generally assisted by CA Customer Support. The individual data files are not made available on the CA Customer Support Portal.
  • Component Model Library Update (Roll-Up) - Component Model Library roll-ups are available, approximately two to three times per year, that include all finalized Component Models at the time of release. These releases tend to coincide with other CA Capacity Management product releases and include any On Demand Component Model Library updates delivered previously. The roll-up includes some type of installer and documentation. These roll-ups are available for download in the CA Customer Support Portal. Note: All CA Capacity Management product releases will always ship with the latest versions of the entire Component Model Library.

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