CA 2E 8.0
Solutions & Patches

  • 2E 8.0
  • Web Option 8.0
  • 1E 8.0

  • Name Type Size Date Released Description Prerequisites
    2E 8.0 ZIP 40 KB 8/6/2003 Problem displaying windows when using TELNET mode of PCOM5 - Japanese version 2E 6.2, 7.0, 7.0+ or 8.0 ZIP 914 KB 1/31/2003 COBOL RTVOBJ based over an Access Path that uses keys resolved from a Qualified By relation does not retrieve the correct record. 2E 8.0
    Web Option 8.0
    ZIP 3.4 MB 10/14/2004 Enhancement to support Apache Server on V5R3 2E 8.0 Web Option ZIP 10.1 MB 09/03/2003 DBCS update for Web Option 2E 8.0 Web Option ZIP 9.9 MB 08/28/2003 Updated Cumulative Fix for Web Option 2E 8.0 Web Option ZIP 7.3 MB 5/12/2003 Cumulative fixes (#164 to 196) 2E 8.0 Web Option ZIP 3.4 MB 7/1/2003 Cumulative fixes for layout and structure of several files that are used within Web Option. 2E 8.0 Web Option ZIP 5.3 MB 7/11/2003 Cumulative fixes (#197 to 212 and 214 to 233). 2E 8.0 Web Option ZIP 3 KB 7/18/2003 Updated YSCRIPT.JS file that is designed to work with Y2WEB80PC6_00233. 2E 8.0 Web Option & PTF y2web80pc6_00233
    1E 8.0
    v51ptf2e80 ZIP 2.8 MB 6/13/2003 Extended library list entry feature of V5R1 and above. Please check PTFs and listed below 1E or 2E 8.0 ZIP 61 KB 7/18/2003 Corrects problem with the command YDOCLIBLST in PTF v51ptf2e80. 1E or 2E 8.0 & PTF v51ptf2e80 ZIP 58 KB 7/18/2003 Fix for PTF v51ptf2e80 to corrects CPF098A error when a user has more than 25 libraries in the library list when submitting a job via a 1E menu option, with Submit Job = "J". 1E or 2E 8.0 & PTF v51ptf2e80 ZIP 493 KB 4/11/2003 YCVTSPLF with TYPE(*PDF) on iSeries machines which use code pages other than 00037 (US English). 1E or 2E 8.0

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