Last Updated: May 10, 2010

Serial No. Severity Fix Description eAC versions Module Problem ID TestFix ID / Package ID Published ID OS
1 Regular Fixes a problem that occurs when AC runs in the global zone, an entry for zlogin process is created in the AC Process Table. This entry has an undefined ACEE. When AC is then started in an internal zone the Process Server does not update the table entry with a valid ACEE and returns an undefined user.   SEOS_syscall        
    B812245   SUN
1423 T3DB022    
2 Regular Fixes a problem where cannot handle a case where a command is given.   scripts        
    B812249   UNIX
3 Regular Fixes an issue where, in specific cases, a temp file is created when a password is created or updated. The temp file has access permissions of 0666. Access permissions for the temp file now remain 0600.   seagent        
    B812259   UNIX
1409 T243539    
4 Regular Fixes a problem that caused the GID limit to be exceeded by utilizing unoccupied GIDs.   seagent        
    B812262   UNIX
5 Regular Fixes an issue that occurs on HPUX when AC is installed in a non-default location, which causes set uid permissions to be lost during native upgrade.   upgrade        
    B812263   HPUX-IA64
1432 T313311    
6 Regular Fixes an issue so that GFILE records can be enforced with NACLs.   seosd        
    B812264   UNIX
7 Regular Fixes an issue on 32-bit Linux where the KRB login sequence is incorrect.   Install        
    B812265   UNIX
8 Regular Fixes an issue where syslog is garbled when the locale is SJIS.   sepmdd        
    B812266   UNIX
9 Urgent Fixes a panic on HPUX IA64 with STOP.   seosk        
    B812267   HPUX-IA64
10 Regular Fixes a problem on AIX that occurs when user1 runs sesu to user2 and user1 is prompted for a password. The password validation does not work properly if auth_login = pam; user1 continues to be prompted for a changed password.   sesu        
    B812268   AIX
11 Urgent Fixes a system panic in SEOS_silent_deny_check while in STREAMS context   SEOS_syscall        
    B812272   HPUX
1427 T3E7091  
    T3E7092   HPUX-IA64
12 Regular Fixes an issue on Solaris 10 update 7 and higher. When you run dbmgr -b <dir>, the following incorrect message is returned: AC is shutting down.   SEOS_syscall        
    B812273 SUN
13 Regular Fixes an issue where trace shows an event from unknown process; uid=-1.   install_base        
    B812274   HPUX
14 Regular Fixes an issue where dbmgr -c -c creates a database if anything but N is given as a reply.   dbmng        
    B812275   UNIX
15 Regular Fixes an issue where incorrect devcalc results for HOSTNET objects were returned.   SEOS_syscall        
    B812276   LINUX
16 Regular Increases the seoswd BlockingInterval time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.   seoswd        
    B812277   UNIX
17 Regular Fixes an issue on AIX that occurs when proftpd is installed and causes a double record of ftp login to be written in the audit file.   dbmng        
    B812278   UNIX
18 Regular Renames support.tar.Z to include the host name. The file is now named   other        
    B812279   UNIX
19 Regular Fixes a problem on SLES10 where segrace does not get called when synchronize_fork=1.   seosd        
    B812281   LINUX
20 Regular Adds the option on Linux to enable running seosd at scheduling policy SCHED_FIFO instead of SCHED_RR, if needed.   seosd        
    B812282   LINUX
21 Regular Fixes an issue on 32-bit Linux where the KRB login sequence is incorrect.   install_base        
    B812283   LINUX
22 Regular Fixes a problem with dbmgr -b/-r <relative path> that shows:
Unable to fetch error description. Error code is 0x390A. A Backup directory should be given in full path
    B812285   UNIX
23 Regular Fixes an issue on HP-UX 11.11 that occurs when AC is shut down, the SEOS_syscall kernel module is unloaded, and the pam_seos.bypass_services token in seos.ini is set to null. The user cannot ftp to the system and the connection is lost after the user name and password are authenticated.   SEOS_load        
    B812287   HPUX
1436 T3E7094    
24 Regular Fixes an issue on AIX where a PACL rule does not work if a program is started with a relative path and is running before AC starts.   SEOS_syscall        
    B812288   AIX
25 Regular Fixes an issue where "selogrd" of an internal zone appears in "issec" output when running in the global zone.   SEOS_syscall        
  B812291   SUN
26 Regular Fixes an issue to prevent an ENOENT error replacing an invalid ACEE with an "undefined" handler. Additional messaging about this error was added to the system log.   seosd        
    B812293   UNIX
27 Regular Fixes an issue where login is denied when accessing a resource via proftp.   seosd        
    B812295   UNIX
28 Regular Adds an enhancement to let AC distinguish shell ssh and sftp ssh connections. The LOGIN event is now postponed until EXEC. If the process executes shell, AC uses SSH LOGINAPPL rules to process the connection. If the process executes sftp server, AC uses SFTP LOGIN rules to process the connection.   seosd        
    B812297   UNIX
29 Regular Fixes an issue where you could not use the filter join group command to add a filter rule.   sepmdd        
    B812300   UNIX
30 Regular Fixes an issue with proftpd that sets setgrps to -2 and sets SUID to -2. These event are now bypassed.   seosd        
    B812301   UNIX
1444 T243595    
31 Regular Fixes a problem with the proftpd login application where the system cannot provide a correct program name.   seosd        
    B812306   AIX
1452 T243606    
32 Regular Fixes an issue where ssh login appears twice in the seosd.trace   seosd        
    B812309   HPUX
33 Regular Fixes an issue on Solaris zone environment, when running a zlogin from the global zone to a local zone, a trace message appears although the trace is not enabled for the user   seosd        
    B812310   UNIX
1454 T243610    
34 Regular Fixes an issue with the seaudit utility that crashes with core dump if hostname in record exceeds 50 bytes   seaudit        
    B812311   WINDOWS
1461 T537528    
35 Regular Fixes an upgrade issue where AC shows wrong build version in registry and the previous build registry token is still available.   Install        
    W811168   WINDOWS
36 Regular Fixes a problem that when setting DisableRegistryIntercetion=1 disables auditing of TCP class records instead of REGISTRY class records.   Driver        
    W811170   WINDOWS
37 Regular Fixes an issue where seos.error.bak and seosd.trace.backup are not protected when the location is changed from the default.   Engine        
    W811171   WINDOWS
38 Regular Fixes an issue where create/update time for Active Directory user is displayed as GMT instead of local time   Selang        
    W811173   WINDOWS
39 Regular Fixes an issue where Watchdog protects wrong seosd service   Watchdog        
    W811175   WINDOWS
470 T4CC084    

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